Boiled Egg Sandwich

Part 5 of the series “Breakfast with Egg Recipes” features Boiled Egg Sandwich. Learn about its ingredients, how to prepare it, some Sandwich trivia and the Nutrition count of the recipe with Nutrition Calculator
Approx reading time: 5 min
Preparation time: 6 min
Cooking time: 10 min

Egg Sandwich

Nothing much to say. This a nice and wholesome breakfast. You call can try it out. The recipe here’s for all of you. Ingredients: Bread (Pau ruti): ½ lb Butter (Makhon): 2 tablespoons Potato (Aalu): 4 medium sizes Eggs (Dim): 4 Green chili (Kacha Lanka): 3 or 4 Salt to taste Preparation: Boil the potatoes…