Hilsa Fry in Microwave

The softness of its flesh and its awesome taste has made it the queen among all fishes. Ilish is the talk of the town for this monsoon. Enjoy it at your home with this easy to cook hilsa recipe

Patla Ilisher Jhol (Hilsa with Nigella)

What better way to celebrate the Lakshmi Puja with a pair of hilsa at home and a health conscious curry at the lunch table with warm white rice. This hilsa curry with nigella seeds and raw banana satisfies all your needs of an authentic Bengali fish recipe with the health factor into it.

Ilish Bhapa

Celebrating the bond of brother and sister. This post is for the Food Festival Event at http://indiankhanna.blogspot.com/ . Also sending Hilsa with Steam to Original Recipes hosted by Lore. I don’t have  a brother, so never felt the beauty of Rakhi. When I was in school , there was no holiday for Rakhi and so the day…

Hilsa with Steam

Serves 4 With the first rain drop, the thing that comes to the mind of all Bengalis all over the world is Ilish. This salt water fish that comes to lay eggs in fresh water is a delicacy among all fish lovers. Today is a special recipe for this special fish. Though we call it…