Boiled Egg Sandwich

Part 5 of the series “Breakfast with Egg Recipes” features Boiled Egg Sandwich. Learn about its ingredients, how to prepare it, some Sandwich trivia and the Nutrition count of the recipe with Nutrition Calculator
Approx reading time: 5 min
Preparation time: 6 min
Cooking time: 10 min

Mughlai Paratha

We love Eggs because they taste good, are a great source of protein (and amino acids) and most of all, are easy to cook. Starting today, this blog will run a series on “15 min breakfast recipes with eggs”. This post discusses Mughlai Paratha. Preparation time: 10 mins; Cooking time: 12mins; Serves: 4. Try it and let us know whether it suited you.


 Semolina is cooked in all over India. As its name varies from the different parts of the country, the way its preapared also varies from state to state. In the eastern parts its cooked more often as a sweet. Here in the southern part my neighbor taught me to cook it in the South Indian…