Bengali Food Bloggers Interview – Kalyan Karmakar

Think about a man who loves to eat, loves to write what he eats, loves to travel to eat – and there’s Kalyan Karmakar for you. A man who loves food. And here’s a little insight to the man behind the famous blog – Finely Chopped

Blogger Interview Series Part 4 – Sharmila

Fourth in the Bengali Food Blogger Interview series is well known blogger, Sharmila from KichuKhon. She started blogging regularly since mid 2008 and is now a well known face in Bengali food blogging arena.

Inspired by the wonderful food blogs, Sharmila started blogging about food. Thereafter, requests from her ardent fans and followers obliged her to post more recipes.

Today, in this post read about Sharmila and many other hidden facts about the lady behind Kichukhon.