MagicKart Review

While picking up your item of choice from a store is a fun experience, waiting in the check out line just to buy one small item take the fun out of it. I prefer to shop online. Also, now that I’m living outside the country, shopping online is my only option for sending gifts to family. Online shopping has opened a new door to customers like us.

Food Review – Korean Stir fry Ready to Cook

When it comes to Southeast Asian cuisine, other than the Thai curries, I always opt for the stir fries. So when Saffron Road Foods sent their newly launched simmer sauces for a review I was overjoyed to find the Korean Stir fry ready to cook product in the package. I instantly thought of cooking and reviewing this simmer sauce in my blog.

Book Review- The Mainland China Cookbook

What if you can just relive the taste of your favorite recipes from your favorite restaurant right at your home? Sounds a good idea? Sounded to me, and I ordered The Mainland China Cookbook by Anjan Chatterjee.

Restaurant Review: FAVA

If you are searching for a change of taste while in Bangalore, the recent addition to the chain of restaurants at UB City, Fava can be the best option. Tired and hungry after going around the palatial mall, you can have a nice and cool supper at the wonderful restaurant.

Mediterranean restaurant as they like to call themselves, Fava offers a wide range of platters, though they specialize in Lebanese and Italian cuisine. You can find a wide range of menus to choose from, ranging from Greek salads, yogurt chicken soups to grilled chicken and of course to end with a varied type of desserts.

Though a bit in the higher range, a one time visit to the restaurant is a must.

Gits KaraiSutir Kachori Mix – Product Review

This post reviews Gits Karaisutir Kachori mix. If you cook regularly, I’m sure you may want to take a break sometime and enjoy this ready to cook snack.

In case you cook only occasionally, all the more reason to try it out. I mean, why spend half a day in kitchen preparing kachori when you can do the same using Gits Karaisutir Kachuri Mix in 20 minutes.