Guest Post – How to Stay Fit & Healthy at Home During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Well, the World Health Organization recommended keeping maintaining a healthy diet plan as it plays, “Crucial role” in how people recover from COVID-19.

The WHO has also said that maintaining a healthy diet, quitting smoking and drinking plays a “Crucial role” in determining how well people recover from Coronavirus.

The UK government is trying to launch a healthy eating campaign to teach the people on how good foods can improve and boost the immune system while lockdown.Many of doctors also suggested to drink a good quality water as well for which there are best water softeners reviews for reference.

On Thursday, Tim Lang, a professor of food policy at the City University of London along with a group of leading food policy experts wrote a letter to the Public Health England’s Chief Executive and Environment Secretary, citing evidence that a healthy diet could help to fight against COVID-19.

So, let’s find out some of the tips and tricks from the nutrition experts on how to stay fit and healthy at home during the coronavirus lockdown. COVID-19 has been a wrecking ball. It’s taken lives, broken families, and disrupted every facet of our lives. But we can’t allow ourselves to give into desperation. You can order your bulk face mask today at the GlobalGenesis. We need to face these challenges head on, and part of doing that is appreciating the things we do have rather than wallow in what we’ve lost.In the case of this disease, and any other major crisis, you should always be looking for things to appreciate. Yes, social distancing has been hard, but for many of us it’s also been an opportunity to bond with family members in new ways.

We’ve had to rely on each other to get through this and forge even stronger bonds than ever. Some of us have been helping our neighbours who can’t get out for one reason or another or have been on the receiving end of that help. This is a beautiful thing, this crisis has shown who we are as Christians. Many of us have also had the chance to catch up on projects around the house, to start new hobbies, or even just gain a new perspective on what we appreciate and enjoy in life.

Are you like most people who have never heard of the term Naturopathic Doctor? Many people are surprised to find that these types of doctors exist and can actually help people heal diseases that most conventional doctors consider to be hopeless. Many people find a Naturopath after they have “tried everything” for their disease, but realize that they are getting nowhere with pharmaceutical medications.

Naturopathic doctors are trained as primary care providers. They attend a 4 year medical school where they learn a mixture of conventional medicine practices along with alternative medicine. However, people’s experience of going to see a naturopathic doctor will be very different from going to see a conventional medical doctor in many ways. You can try this website for the best Naturopathic Doctor.

A Naturopath spends much time getting to know all aspects of a person’s health status, including past medical history, family history, environmental exposures,and diet and lifestyle habits. After spending some time analyzing all of the information, Naturopaths will look for what is causing the person’s current health conditions.

Sometimes the cause is genetic, sometimes it is diet and lifestyle related, sometimes it is from environmental exposures, and sometimes it stems from their mind-body connection. Many times it is a combination of all of these factors.

As many of our typical distractions and chores fall away, we’ve been able to focus in on what matters, what really makes us happy. No matter how terrible the situation, there are always traces of God’s grace and goodness to be found. Every day is a gift, no matter what obstacles face us, so focus on the things that make you happy, that show you God’s love for us, and treasure them. Find joy wherever you can and take that attitude forward as we move out of this crisis and back towards normality. You can see more here for WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM COVID-19 AS CHRISTIANS.

Exercise Enough

Well, doing exercise regularly helps to release chemicals from our body and we start to feel good. Again, doing proper exercises reduce anxiety, stress and its’ also linked to better sleep & improved memory and cognition. An ostomy іѕ a general term meaning аn opening mаdе іntо thе bоdу. Here you can buy the supportive ostomy belt.

Marcus Thormann, founder of a high-tech fitness studio in western Germany recommends moderate movement for at least 30 minutes each day, as backed by the World Health Organization.

“To make the exercising process easier, you can break that up into 10-minute sections such as morning, afternoon and evening. If you could maintain that as your daily routine, then your day will be better formed as well” Marcus Thormann told DW.

And the best part is that there are many fitness instructors who are offering their classes online “For Free” during the outbreak. All you just need is a good internet connection and a towel or mat on the floor, that’s it.

If the area you do roam outside might be lockdown and you can’t go outdoors, please make sure you do at least a short walk once each day if possible.

Well Eating

Having a balanced diet can help you with your immune system and adding a ultimate home workout each day to keep healthy. None of us can completely eliminate the risk of contracting covid-19 without a vaccine. And our experts have said that’s still up to 18 to 24 months away.

But eating healthily plays a very important role not for your physical health but also our mental well-being, too. Well, you don’t require to maintain a certain diet plan, you just have to try avoiding processed foods as they tend to be high in sugar, right? Kratom has become a household name in so many countries, and it’s easy to understand why. The herb is well-known for delivering numerous health and recreational benefits. These include the ability to numb the pain, treat anxiety and depression, and working as a stimulant to boost energy, concentration, and alertness.

It can also be used for relaxation while other people push the doses a bit higher to get euphoric. Here you will get the detail kratom info, do visit. The Kratom powder that you buy online comes from the leaves of Kratom trees. The leaves are harvested from mature Kratom trees. The stems are then separated from the rest of the leaf before the leaves are crashed down into a fine powder. The powder contains what we know as alkaloids, which give Kratom its unique properties. Certain Kratom trees have more alkaloids than others, and this influences the potency and effects produced by the strain.

Basically, the good foods for our mental health are generally the healthiest foods. Foods, vegetables, and whole grains give necessary nourishment for our brains as they give us energy slowly which also assists us to stabilize our moods, aren’t they amazing?

However, try to start your day with a healthy breakfast with some delicious foods like brown rice, whole wheat crackers, pears, radishes, chickpeas or whole wheat bread which is also easier to make with your best bread machine, and these foods will help you feel good and energetic all day.

Sound Sleep

 Proper sleep is very important for our body as it repairs cells, clear toxins, process information and consolidates our memories. There are enough pieces of evidence that sleep deprivation can have heavy impacts on our physical and mental health, as it negatively affects our concentration, emotional intelligence, and psychological well being.

Moreover, it can also higher the risk of improving chronic health conditions, like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease as well.

However, it is necessary to sustain a regular sleep routine just like other schedules for eating, exercising and working. For most of the people, sleeping around 6-9 hours is enough for sufficient sleep. Again, sleeping and waking up at a similar time every day can help people to follow through the plans and also it maintains a sense of normality.

Social Connection

While the lockdown all over the world, we need our friends more than ever, right? Research has proven that “Social connectedness” is as necessary for our health like diet, sleep, and exercise.

Hey! You can’t meet your friends or plan to through a dinner party or get together in the lockdown – in person! Not all the interactions have to be face-to-face to recreate each other, right?  Yet you can enjoy with your friend through video calls. You could plan a virtual dinner party through apps like Zoom or you can play a group game online, as there are so many interesting and popular games on the internet that you can play in a group, right?

By doing these things you can maintain distantly social connections.

Claiming Activities

Well, you probably think that people are talking on one topic, right now, but the enforced social isolation could give a chance to many people to take a break and do such things that they can’t do usually because of their time shortage.  It could be cooking, gardening, learning something for personal development, pickling, sewing, building furniture, reading the book that they left because of the shortage of time.

However, this could be the perfect time to do them all, or some of them or half of a few – whatever you wish.

Moreover, the World Health Organization has advised to “draw on skills you have used in the past that have assisted you in the previous adversities.”

This is a guest post by Alamin Hossain, he is the author of Kitchen Product Reviewed

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