10 foods to eat on Poila Boisakh or Naba Barsho

We wish you a great year ahead. Shubho Naba Barsho. Here are the Top 10 items you should eat on Poila Boisakh.

Breakfast (Jal Khabar)

  1. Luchi 
  2. Chholar Dal  or Alu Dom 
  3. Jilipi 

Lunch (Dupurer Khabar)

  1. Shukto and Fulkopir Tarkari (or its twist)
  2. Bhaja
  3. Rui Kalia or Parshe Machher Jhol or Tel Koi
  4. Mishti Doi and Rasogolla (or its Payesh)
  5. Chatni and Papad

Dinner (Ratrer Khabar)

  1. Kasha Mangsho or Mutton Curry
  2. Sandesh, with a twist

Good luck all.

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