Dui Kumror Tarkari – Pumpkin and Ash Gourd in Mustard Sauce

Do you think you can live on burgers and sandwiches for the rest of your life? The answer is definitely a “no”. The food that with grew eating is what gives comfort to the soul – the comfort food. It might be as dull and non-spicy as the masoor dal and aloo seddho, but it has it own place in the heart and not to mention the stomach.

Kolkata Street Food Ghugni – Curried Dried Yellow Peas

When it comes to street food, Kolkata reigns. The city of joy has hundreds of street snacks to offer. It’s not only about jhal muri, bhel puri, papri chat, or tele bhaja, you’ll find a whole lot more. What’s your favorite street food?

Deviled Egg

Fan us on Facebook . You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email Winter is the time of evening snacks; nothing better than having a hot cup of tea with your favorite snack to munch on. We had a party to celebrate the New Year and it got me thinking what can be the quick and easy way to satisfy so…

Chital Macher Muittha

For those of you who are afraid to have fish because of those bones, your search ends here. The fish dumpling recipe – an authentic Bengali fish recipe is your last stop.