Ilish Paturi in Microwave

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Yes, we bled blue. After 28 years of wait, at last the world cup came back once again to India. The excitement and thrill was at its peak. Just as Dhoni played the shot the last 6, the dream for Sri Lanka was over. The entire country rejoiced. Just before the match, the roads seemed to be deserted like in during strikes, but the scene changed just after that last shot. It seemed the entire city has come out – age no bar – every body was on the road sharing their bit of joy. Here’s one click from the roads, for more click on to Chak De India album.

To share this joy here’s a simple recipe from us – ilish paturi in microwave. Paturi literally means cooking something wrapped in fresh leaves, generally plantain. The mkicrowave recipe is a simple and quick one without any hassle. Click for more hilsa recipe.

Serves 8
Preparation 5 mins
Cooking 8 mins


  • 8 pieces of ilish/hilsa
  • 8 pieces of 6” square plantain leaves
  • ½ cup mustard seed paste
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 8 green chillies
  • 4 tablespoon mustard oil
  • Salt to taste
  • Kitchen thread for wrapping


  • Clean the fish, mix all the spices; season with salt
  • Pour the oil generously over the fish
  • Wrap each piece with plantain leaf and tie with the kitchen thread
  • Place the pieces on a microwave safe plate
  • Micro high (100% /  800 watts) for 6-8min
  • Serve hot with warm rice

Hot Tips – Before wrapping, roast the leaves for a minute to make them soft and easier to fold. The fresh leaves tend to break along the veins. While wrapping make sure that no part of the fish is outside the leaf, which will make it very dry.

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13 thoughts on “Ilish Paturi in Microwave

  1. Hi,
    I have tried ilish paturi in Microwave according to your instructions. I had set it in 100% and keep inside 7 mins. When i brought it out it became ilish cookies. what i did wrong ?


    1. Arghya,
      Its probably because your microwave is very high powdered, try reducing the wattage of the microwave then cooking the ilish, or just cook it for 3 min, check if its done and then again put the fish in the microwave for another minute

    1. Vivek,
      We can do it in an gas stove also, but it takes much longer. So, the microwave is a faster alternative.

  2. Ei shobe Canada te eshechi. Ilish maach khabar khub icche kintu ekhane ki pawa jai ? Jara US kimba Canada te thake – Can you help me out with the local name for Ilish. PLEASE !!

    1. You havent written where in Canada you are located, assuming that you are in the Greater Toronto area (GTA) — you can buy Ilish maach at any of the Bangladeshi stores throughout the GTA. There are a number of shops selling frozen not only ilish, but also rui, katla, bata, chitol etc. In east Toronto, there are a few shops on Danforth Ave near Victoria Park. In the west, there is Taj Mahal in Mississauga near Dundas and Dixie. In Brampton, there is Al-Marwah. Keep in mind that all the shops have frozen fish exported from Bangladesh — some could be few weeks to several months stale.

  3. Thanks for the recipe we Bangals do it with narkol kora in addition & in lau or kumro pata prefer it with the latter. Using the microwave will make it so much easier. Love your blog we add sliced onions also

    1. We put narkel kora at times, but sliced onions is quite new. I should try that out sometime. Thanks for the info 🙂

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