Bread Chopsuey

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Promise is most given when the least is said.
~George Chapman

Have you ever made a promise? The everyday ones. A promise that you could have written in caps with a bold and font size 72.

This post is a part of the Valentine’s Day Special recipes. Valentine’s day is just 2 days away, and today is Promise Day. Earlier we talked about Paneer Pulao in Rice Cooker on Teddy Day, Chocolate Cake in Microwave on Chocolate Day and Bengali Style Matar Paneer on Propose Day.

When I googled for the word “Promise”, there were more than 9 million hits including some promise day sms, lyrics from a song by Ciara, a wiki page on promise and many many more. I clicked on one particular link showing the etymology of the word.

Have you ever thought of writing promise as “Promys”, am sure the primary school teacher would have come to you with a long stick in hand. But, that was how the word was spelt in 1400s when it first appeared in Middle England. Through the centuries the word evolved and is now spelled differently.

I made a promise to myself today. By next year am going to be a good baker. I had been an awful baker all this time; you can have a look at my baking disasters. Recently, I have made some improvement in my skills, but still pounds to bake before I perfect the art. J.

Today’s recipe is a simple and easy to prepare one. It is a healthy breakfast and an ideal way to start a day. This recipe is on its way to Srivalli’s Kids Delight – Wholesome Breakfast.

Serves 4
Preparation time 10min
Cooking time 10min


  • Bread (Pau ruti): 4 pieces, cut into four squares
  • Hard Boiled egg (Sedho dim): 4, cut into quarters
  • Boiled potato (Sedho alu): 2 medium sizes, chopped coarsely
  • Coriander leaves (Dhane pata): 2-3 sprigs, chopped coarsely
  • Sunflower Oil (Sada tel) for deep frying
  • Bhujia for garnishing
  • Salt to taste
  • Lemon juice (Lebur rash): 2 tablespoon


  • Heat oil in a wok and fry the bread pieces. Fry till they are almost brown, take out and place over a kitchen paper to soak out the excess oil
  • In a large salad bowl put the fried bread pieces, boiled potato, chopped coriander leaves, lemon juice, salt and toss
  • Divide the tossed breads in four serving bowls, garnish with  the eggs and bhujia

Hot Tips– Its best to fry a little old bread pieces, fresh bread tends to crumble. I have cut the bread pieces into four. You can cut it with a cookie cutter in any shape of your choice.

Wish you a Happy Promise Day!

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12 thoughts on “Bread Chopsuey

  1. Excellent meal. Snacks joints may just pick it up for an evening sell with tea [or even a peg] To reduce the oil that bread absorbs, apply a thin layer of molten butter with a brush on bread and toast it in an OTG, Chalega?

  2. Yum but too much refined carbs for breakfast…will sap you of energy.For a healthier option and to add more fibre i’d swaped the white bread with whole wheat and the potato with sweet potato. And skip the bhujia for roasted peanuts. Would I’ve you a great start to the day!

    1. Indrani,

      Thank you so much for the award. You can have it without the egg, it tastes good even without that. Trying putting in some tomato/ tamarind sauces and onions

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