Kasha Mangsho – Bengali Mutton Curry

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|| ya devi sarvabhutesu buddhirupena samsthita
namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namo namah ||

|| ya devi sarvabhutesu sakti rupena samsthita
namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namas-tasyai namo namah ||

With less than a week to go for Saptami, its time for a brief on the relevant pujas and a savouring dish. Two events passed by – Vishwakarma Puja and Mahalaya. If you came here just for the recipe, you can skip the next 3 paras.

Vishwakarma Puja

Vishwakarma is the god of architecture (in Hinduism) and thus, the presiding deity of all artisans and craftsmen. He architected of the Golden city of Lanka, Indraprastha (abode of Indra), Hastinapur (the capital of the Pandavas and Kauravas of Mahabharata) and the mythical town of Dwarka, where Lord Krishna lived during the Mahabharata period. Any parallel you can draw from modern times? J

The architect is worshipped usually in mid September each year in several parts of the country. In Bengal, the puja is marked by flying kites. And being the Lord of architecture, heavy machinery factories, construction sites and even engineering colleges celebrate Vishwakarma puja.

God on sale


The enchanting voice of Birendra Krishna Bhadra at 4am announces the arrival of Devi. Its Mahalaya and 7 days to Saptami. More about Mahalaya here. And here’s how Delhi is taking up Durga puja this year. Hundreds of men offer water to their deceased ancestors on this day, what Bengalis call as “Tarpan”.

puja shoppingpuja sale

Pujor Ranna – Kasha Mangsho

I had prepared a Bengali style mutton curry for lunch today. Though I am not much of a mutton loving person, just thought of preparing it. With a little help from mom, the preparation turned out well. Here’s how to cook Bengali mutton curry.

Preparation time: 1hr
Cooking time: 30min
Serves 2



Mutton (Khashir mangsho): 400gms

Potato (Aalu): 2 large sizes cut into quarters

Papaya grated (Jhiri kore kata Pepe): 3 tablespoon

Sour curd (Tauk doi): 2 tablespoons

Onion (Peyaj): 2 large sizes

Garlic (Rasun): 8-10 cloves

Ginger-garlic paste (Aada-rasun bata): 1 ½ teaspoon

Turmeric powder (Halud guro): ½ teaspoon

Chili powder (Sukhno lanka guro): 1/2 teaspoon

Mustard oil (Sarser tel): 8 tablespoon

Salt to taste


  • Chop one onion and make a paste of the other
  • Make a
  • Wash the mutton pieces well, and drain out the excess water
  • Take the mutton in a large bowl, put in the sour curd, onion and ginger-garlic paste; mix well, pour in 2 tablespoon of mustard oil and a pinch of salt, marinate for 50mins in refrigerator
  • Heat 3 tablespoon of oil in a wok and half fry the potatoes, keep aside
  • Pour in the rest of the oil in the same wok, and sauté the chopped onions and garlic cloves
  • Put in the marinated mutton, turmeric, chili, salt and grated papaya, stir in low flame till the mutton becomes absolutely dry and the oil separates (kashano in Bengali), it will also change color to a darker shade of brown
  • Add the dried up mutton in a pressure cooker and pour in 3 cups of water, close the lid and wait for 3 whistle
  • Open the lid and put in the potatoes and again allow 2 more whistles
  • Take out and serve with warm white rice

Kasha Mangsho

Hot Tips – The grated papaya helps in softening the mutton pieces, so its an optional ingredient in this preparation, if you want you can also add large papaya pieces in place of the grated papaya. The number of whistles depends on the quality of mutton, so check after the 5 whistles whether the mutton has become tender, else allow some more time.

Further Readings – Kasha Mangsho, Mutton Chaap (Bengali style)

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51 thoughts on “Kasha Mangsho – Bengali Mutton Curry

  1. Tushar,
    Same ingredients can be used for chicken as well.
    You may grind all these ingredients, if you do not like whole garam masala.

  2. Sorry to say that this is not the Bengali cuisine. The main ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, green cardamoms, bay leaves etc have not been used in this recipe, which are MUST. These items are MUST whether you cook Kasha Mangsho or Mangsher Jhol. Chandan Bose, New Delhi.

  3. This is more a ‘Mangser Jhol’ rather than kosha mangso as the heading describes.
    Further, bengali gorom mosla, tej pata etc. are missing in Ingredients.. which are a must for mangser jhol or kosha mangso.

    1. Debashis,
      You are right, these were the recipes when I first started cooking, so hopefully you understand if I had made a few errors

  4. I have read the mutton preparation described by you. But I am of the opinion that unless garam masala like; cloves, cinnamon and cardamoms along with bay leaves are added, you do not get the taste. Hope, you will agree with me.

    1. Chandan,
      I do agree somewhat. But, I dont ,like the whole spices on my bite, so I prefer the ground garam masala at the end of the curry.

    2. Papaya also not used during marination,jeera paste,dhania paste tejpatta and after cooking garam massala paste( dalchini,elaichi,long,kalimirch)are missing

      1. Ashok,
        There is no hard and fast rule to what ingredents you use in a recipe. This is my way of preparing it. I use the grated papaya while cooking and not in the marinade, that works too

  5. Wanted to know whether the same recipe would work for chicken as well. If not, what are the changes that would be required.


    1. Tushar during marination use papaya paste jeera paste,dhania paste also.use amul butter in midway of frying,before frying onoin use black pepper,tejpatta and lastly after cooking use dalchini,elaich and long paste and corriender leaves and lid.stop cooking.

  6. hi sudeshna,

    i am a foodie and i like to cook also . i often try different recepies from different places , would like to get recepies of different non veg cuisine from u . u can mail me also or just let me know where to serach for it ? any website , any blog etc ….

    hope to hear from u soon ..


    vivek .

  7. It results very good taste. Prepared myself with this easy method and easily available ingredients. Thanks for your wonder and easy recipe.

    1. Hi Sarat,
      Thanks for pointing it out. I have updated the post. Salt is already mentioned in the post and I prefer not to add sugar to the recipes.

  8. My receipie name is green chiken.1kg Chiken should be cut in biriani size pcs. Then wash it well and marinate with 150gm yoghurt, 100gm mustard oil & 2.5 table spoon of viniger for 1 hour. By this time prepare the curry. Take 250gm onion, 1 pc garlic, 50gm ginger & 250gm dhania pata. Poured 150gm mustard oil into a wok. Then add the Onion paste and start fry. After the colour become brown add the ginger & garlic paste. Add 150gm yoghurt and the marinated chiken into the wok.Paste the dhania pata with added little water in grinder. Add 2 t.s sugar & salt as per taste & 2 t.s chilli powder. When your chiken is ready add the paste of dhania leaves and covered it for 30 mins in normal temperature. Open the cover and serve it hot with rumali roti.

  9. hi sudeshna,
    i was going through ur recepie(bengali)and liked it i m a chef woking with a group of fivestar hotels some time i would like 2 do
    bengali food festival ur recepies will help me a lot to make my nonbengali cooks keep posting authentic recepies of bengali origin

    1. Hi Subrata,
      Thank you so much for the comment. Do let us know if you require any assistance.

  10. Hi! Ms. Banerjee,

    Kindly send me the recipe for making “Kalaier Dal” i.e., Urd Dal in South India. In fact, I am interested in Chittagong Type Recipe using Garlic; in my childhood I used to enjoy it very much. Now since my mother is not alive, I am unable to make it in the same way as she used to prepare it – it was really a grand dal with smell all around, not only to the person who was taking it. Thanking you in anticipation.

  11. Thank you so much for this blog!!!! Growing up in Canada, it is hard to find recipes. It is hard to get good pressure cookers here – could I make this in a slow cooker (5-6 hours over low heat). Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Maya,

      Though I have not used a slow cooker myself, but I presume you can do it. The pressure cooker is used to fasten the process of the cooking, so even if you use a wok in preparing the curry there is no problem, all you need to do is cover the wok/pan you are using and set over low flame. Let the mutton get cooked.

  12. Hi Sudeshna,

    Tomar recipe na unique hocche, achha tumi likhecho “jhiri kaata pepe”.. ekdum kachha pepe jhiri jhiri kore dite hobe ki?


    1. Yes exactly, kacha pepe mane oe sabuj pepe jeta amra ranna kori tarkari te diye. Grater e jhiri jhiri kore kete dile bhalo haye, eta jodio optional, kintu pepe dile mangsho ta bhalo sedho haye.

  13. Ur recipe is very good and simple , aro simple recipes upload koro.Wish happy jogodhattri pujo to u nd ur entire family.
    best wishes

    1. Barir pujote satti bishan anado korechi, tai ek saptaho account e log in o korini, khub maja korechi. Barir pujote kaj kara theke sabai ke niye thakur dekha, Kolkatar pujo ager bar miss korechi bole, ae baar aro beshi kore maja korechi.
      Tomakeo janai Bijayar priti o suvecha.

  14. kola pataye bhaat mangsho dekhe jibhe jol eshe gelo! my daughter loves mutton too, but we don’t make it that often as it is not easily available. I should go & get some soon:-)
    .-= Soma´s last blog ..Sandesh =-.

    1. Kala patai khawar er ekta aladai maja :). Chotobelai ami mamabari gelei mama niye asten kala pata amar janne, sei thekei kala patai kahwar amar khub pachondo :). Mangsho keman holo janio, jodi kono change karo setao bolo, it would be helpful for our readers

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