Chicken in chilli garlic sauce

Sometimes back I read about a chilli garlic crab preparation in a cook book. Thought of trying the same preparation but with chicken in place of crab. The experiment turned out to be a very spicy and yummy platter, so here it is sharing with you all.


Chicken (murgi): 1kg

Red chilli powder (sukhno lankar guro): 3 teas-spoons full, mixed with water to make a paste

Garlic (rasun): 15 cloves , chopped well

Mustard oil (sarser tel): 2 table-spoons

Tomato: 3 small sized, 2 of them grinded to make a pureeScallion

Onions (peyaj): 1

Cornflour: 2 table-spoons

Vinegar: 1 table-spoons

Spring onions : 2 stalks, chopped

Eggs (dim): 2, beaten well

MSG (ajinamoto): 1/4 teaspoon (optional)

Salt to taste


  • Take the chicken , one tomato, one peyaj (cut into half) and boil the whole in a deep pan with sufficient water such that the ingredients get covered with water.
  • Take it out , when the chicken is half cooked. Keep the stock for later use.
  • Heat oil in a wok and deep fry the half cooked chicken. Keep aside.
  • Take some more oil and sauté the garlic for a minute. Add the tomato puree, chilli powder paste, and the stock and bring it to boil. When it starts boiling add salt.
  • Take the cornflour in a bowl and mix it with water. Add it to the boiling sauce, cook till it gets thickened.
  • Now add the chicken along with vinegar , MSG and spring onions to the sauce and mix. Add the beaten egg in trickle and cook till the egg strands rise to top.

Your chicken in chilli garlic sauce is ready to serve , spicy and yummy. Serve hot. Enjoy cooking and happy eating.

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6 thoughts on “Chicken in chilli garlic sauce

    1. You can have it as a main course, if you keep the gravy a little runny, or totally dry it up to serve as an appetizer

  1. The last line is very confusing….after cooking if the beaten egg is added then it might have a smell of raw egg yolk…please suggest

    1. Sumana,
      The egg gets cooked in the heat and there will be no egg-y smell. The egg is added at the end as a binding agent, to make the curry more dense.

  2. I really cooked it, and one amendment, if you dont fry the boiled chicken and else let it just get cooked in the sauce, the chicken remains softer. So try this out.

  3. Did you actually cook this ? Sounds way too yummy. I will try it out this weekend. Thanks for the recipe dude. Any clues, how can I cook the same using potatoes. There is a dish like honey garlic potatoes, any idea, how it can be made ?

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