Sandesh Pudding

A guest post fro Ishita of IshitaUnblogged to make this Bijaya more fun. The Sandesh Pudding recipe is a fusion of the traditional Bengali sweet, sandesh made of Indian cottage cheese or chenna and the European caramel pudding

Strawberry Sandesh

A Bong cant be separated from sweets, and not without reason. Sample soft rasogollas or smooth sandesh, and you would know.

Sandesh is of several kinds. This post explains in easy steps how to prepare Strawberry Sandesh, which is a little twisted from the veritable way of preparing you general run of the mill kind sandesh. The curd cheese is sweetened and flavored with fresh strawberry puree to give the light pinkish tinge and the irresistible flavor of this dessert.

Prepare it, have a bite and let me know how you fared. Bon Appetite!