Quick And Easy Khichdi

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Being lazy and hungry is a tough call. You want to eat something wholesome, yet you are too lazy to cook a full course meal. Khichudi is the answer to such situations. A full bowl of khichudi is a life saver during such times.

This quick and easy khichudi recipe is kid friendly and you can adjust the spices according to your whim. Pour extra water if you want the khichdi to be runny.

Winter Khichudi

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Comfort Food – Dahliya Khichudi

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When you are sick and tired to the rich and spicy food, there’s nothing better than to have a wholesome comfort food. Even psychological studies show that when you consume comfort food it picks up positive emotions and also relieves from negative mental affects.

Comfort foods can be anything that you had while growing up or even that had some sentimental values attached. When I’m tired and lazy to cook, khichudi is that one thing that I hold close.

Khichudi reminds me of those rainy nights, the continuous sound of the raindrops outside and the yummy smell of the spices from mom’s kitchen. What’s your comfort food?

You can make khichdi in many ways – the runny style or even the dry or the bhuno khichudi. My favourite is the runny khichudi with lots of vegetables in it. You can use rice and dal like mung or masoor or you can make it with broken wheat or dahlia and mung dal.

I prepared this one a couple of days back for lunch with all the vegetable I could find in my fridge.

Dahliya Khichudi

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Cooks in    Serves 2
  • ½ cup broken wheat or dahlia
  • ½ cup split mung dal
  • 1 cup of vegetables (I used carrots, peas, cauliflower and potatoes)
  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon mustard oil
  • ½ teaspoon whole cumin
  • ½ teaspoon turmeric powder
  • ½ teaspoon cumin powder
  • ½ teaspoon chilli powder
  • ½ teaspoon ginger paste
  • Salt to taste
  • Roast the dahliya and mung dal separately. Wash and mix
  • Pour in the water and season with salt
  • Boil till the dal is half done
  • Add all vegetables
  • Cook till the vegetables are tender, put in all the ground spices and mix
  • Heat the mustard oil in a pan and throw in the whole cumin seeds
  • As the cumin starts to splutter pour it over the cooked khichdi
  • Serve hot with or without fries of choice

Hot Tips – You can opt not to roast the mung dal, but if you do then stir continuously as mung dal tend to get burnt very easily. Roasting the dahilya helps to get rid of the slimy texture.

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Khichudi, the name reminds me of those rainy days and rainy nights. Khichudi had always taken a special soft corner in my heart. Mom used to cook it whenever it started and rain means no going out and so everybody at home. The whole family waiting impatiently for the hot and yummy porridge to be served at the dining table. I especially remember one night. It was raining cats and dogs; mom was very ill that night and couldn’t even get up from bed. But we were all in full mood to enjoy khichudi. So what to do? The answer came from my dad, let’s prepare it ourselves. Hearing that my mom started screaming, here to mention at that time my dad was a terrible cook, though with the passage of time and because of his transferable job he has learnt a lot about cooking. Now let’s go back to that night. So here we were me and my dad in the kitchen preparing porridge. That night at last we had to call a nearby restaurant to deliver food, that porridge was absolutely burnt and had to throw away everything.

Khichudi with potato fry

Khichudi with potato fry

Days have passed, a lot has changed, but still I can’t separate monsoon rain and porridge. I have learnt to prepare it myself and so whenever it rains, you can smell khichudi in my kitchen. Oh! I missed out something. To make this delicacy something more special don’t you forget to fry those hilsa pieces or at least an omelet. This combination is just awesome.

Serves: 4


Rice (Chal): 150 gm

Pulses (Massor dal): 150 gm

Turmeric powder (Halud Guro): 1 teaspoon

Chilli powder (Sukhno Lankar guro): 1 teaspoon

Onions (Peyaj): 3

Garlic (Rasun): 4 /6 cloves

Ginger paste (Aada Bata)

Panch Phoron: 1 teaspoon

Green chilli (Kacha Lanka): 2/3 pieces

Mustard oil (Sarser tel): 2 teaspoon

Salt to taste


So we are ready with the ingredients, now before we start just a few word. Cut one of the onions into half and the other two julienned. You can add some vegetables like potato , cauliflower (cut into small florets), carrot, peas, etc.

  • Wash the rice and dal together.
  • Take water in a handi and heat it just for 2 minutes.powder,
  • Add the rice, dal, half cut onion, garlic cloves, vegetables, turmeric powder, chilli green chilli and salt.
  • Now leave it and let it cook by itself.
  • Add water whenever required.
  • When the rice is almost cooked, heat oil in an wok and add the left out onions and panch phoron. Sauté it.
  • Add this to the cooked rice.
  • Then cook the rice for 2 minutes more and your porridge is ready to serve.


Khichudi with ladies finger fries
You can have it with any kind of fries, or even with chutney and papad (poppadam). There are some more ways to cook porridge, check out my following posts to find out how.

Tips: Porridge tends to become very dry, so before you take it out of the stove ensure that it has not become too dry and so leave out some water.

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