Bhat Dal and Bhaja – a no frills bong meal

Whats the staple food in West Bengal? Any guesses? If you answered fish, you’re suffering from a common misconception (another link). Fish is the most loved dish. But Bhaat (i.e. steamed rice, boiled rice or uble chawal) is something that Bongs drool over.
The post describes how to cook a lean bong platter – bhaat, dal, bhaja.

Serves: 2
Cooking time: 20 + 10min
Preparation time: 5+5min

Roadside Tadka

I have posted this recipe before but its for Srivalli that I am posting it once more to participate in the event hosted by her. Serves 2 Ingredients: Green Mugh dal: 150gms Tomato: 2 medium sizes Onion (Peyaj): 2 large ones Garlic (Rasun): 7 or 8 cloves Kasturi Methi (Fenugreek leaves): 1 tablespoon Green chili…