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Street food in Kolkata epitomizes the pada (neighborhood) culture. Having something at the nearest roadside vendor is not only about eating and fulfilling ones gastronomic urges, but it is also a means of having food with family, friends and sometimes even strangers. Street foods that are in vogue are phuchka, jhal muri, papri chat, muri makha, vegetable chop, and beguni, but phuchka ranks above all. Reading time: 3min Cooking time: 8-10min Preparation time: 12min Makes 20 phuchka

Prepare Phuchka (Golgappa) at home

Part 6 of the series “Breakfast with Egg Recipes” features Egg Roll. Yes, that blessed street food. Learn about its ingredients, how to prepare it, some trivia and the Nutrition count of the recipe with Nutrition Calculator. Approx reading time: 5 min Preparation time: 10 min Cooking time: 8 min

Egg Roll