Chocolate Cake in Microwave

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Lovely Chocolate and Lovely you. And lovely are the things you do, but the loveliest is the friendship of the two, one is me and the other is you. HAPPY CHOCOLATE DAY

My day started with this message. Most people I know love Chocolates (and chances are, you too) and when a day is dedicated to this, it ought to be celebrated.

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day is 2nd day of the Valentine Week. As promised, each day of the Valentine week, I would post recipes befitting the occasion. I started with Matar Paneer with a Bengali twist on the Propose Day, and here’s  chocolate cake for the C-Day.

Uh oh, not so soon. Before jumping to the recipe, lets talk about Chocolate for a little while.

History of Chocolate

Cocoa trees grow in the wild in Latin America, and that’s where Chocolate is said to have originated from. It was the Olmec tribe who started preparing chocolate as early as 1000BC. Chocolate beans used as currency in many parts of Latin America almost till 19th Century. The Mayas also used chocolates for rituals and ceremonies, but it was strictly for drinking. The first chocolate bar came from Cadbury’s in England in 1842, and that started a new era of chocolates. [Source: Wikipedia]

Benefits of chocolate

No, seriously. You may be surprised to know that Chocolate has its own share of benefits.

Besides being a mood enhancer, chocolate has a very high food value, delays aging and helps avoid cardiac problems. It is believed that chocolate consumption releases chemicals in the body very similar to ones when you are in love. So, the next time you indulge yourself with a bar of chocolate, just think about all its good effects. J

Note: Indulging in chocolate doesn’t mean watching this movie.

Cooking Chocolate Cake in Microwave Oven

I tried making a chocolate pudding that I read in a Thai recipe book. The pudding was to be steamed in braine marie, but I tried doing that in the microwave. Now, here’s the news. The pudding didn’t seem to be like the one in the book pic, but it was a perfect cake like texture. That was my eureka moment, baking cake in a simple microwave oven. The tasters loved it. 🙂

Prepare Chocolate Cake

Prepare Chocolate Cake

Serves: 6

Preparation time: 15min

Cooking time: 6min

Ingredients for Chocolate Pudding

For the cake

  • Plain flour (Maida): 1 cup
  • Caster sugar (Guro chini): 1 ¼ cup
  • Egg (Dim): 3
  • Cocoa powder: 4 tablespoon
  • Unsalted butter (Sada Makhan): ½ cup + for greasing
  • Plain chocolate: 100gms

For chocolate sauce

  • Unsalted butter: 2 tablespoon
  • Cocoa powder: 2 tablespoon
  • Milk (Dudh): ½ cup
  • Caster sugar (Guro chini): 3 tablespoon
More Chocolate Pudding

More Chocolate Pudding

Preparation steps for Chocolate Pudding

For cake

  • Beat the egg and caster sugar together, whisk well till frothy
  • In another bowl sift the flour and cocoa powder
  • Gradually add flour and cocoa powder into the beaten egg, whisk well
  • Pour in individual bowls and place in large tray filled with water
  • Microwave high for 6 min or till a tooth pick inserted at the middle of the cake comes out clean

For the chocolate sauce

  • Melt the butter and cool down to room temperature
  • Mix milk, caster sugar and cocoa powder well, whisk well
  • Pour in the butter and stir again


  • Take a dessert plate and place the cake on it, pour in the chocolate sauce and garnish with chocolate chips

Further Reading – Black Forest Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Dessert

Happy Chocolate Day folks!

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Christmas Cake in Pressure Cooker

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Christmas is that time of the year when you make merry and go out shopping and traveling with friends and family. The chill and the dryness in the air make the whole environment to go around more to keep warm. My Christmas day this year, o I should be saying last year was a good now. The celebration started from Christmas Eve, just after I came out of my office.

Christmas Cake at Bangalore

Christmas Cake at Bangalore

I went to the St. Mary’s Basilica, the oldest Church in Bangalore. The Church was decked up with white flowers all around the alter. I presumed it was to show respect to all those who lost their lives in different terror attacks all over India in 2008. That night we had good dinner at one of the well known restaurants in Bangalore and then off to St. Patrick’s Church for the grand celebration. What I have never done before, this time I was there inside the Church and sang along with many others the Christmas carols. It reminded me of those days in school. I still do remember the songs well.

Christmas day without some different things from the kitchen makes it very dull. So, after the day long hovering about from one Church to the other, I thought of baking a cake to mark this grand occasion.

The problem with baking a cake at my home is I don’t have a convection microwave oven, for that matter not a simple oven. So my only resort was my faithful pressure cooker. This was the first time I baked a cake in the pressure cooker and was quite apprehensive about the outcome till I had a bite. The cake was absolutely soft and everyone really liked it.

For one pound cake


Cake flour or Wheat Flour (Maida): 1 ¼ cup

Baking powder: 1 teaspoon

Castor sugar (Guro Chini): ¾ cup

Unsalted Butter (Sada Makhon): 50gms

Eggs (Dim): 3

Clarified Butter (Ghee): 1 tablespoon

Vanilla Essence: 1 teaspoon

Dry fruits like raisins and cashew nuts, etc

Cadbury Gems for frosting

Sand for heating in pressure cooker


  • Add half cup of sugar to the eggs with the vanilla essence and beat well with a blender until the eggs make small peaks the blender is lifted
  • In a large bowl put in the flour, baking powder and sift thrice
  • Drop in the butter to the sifted flour and mix well with a blender
  • As the mixture gets fluffy and soft pour in the egg and castor sugar mixture and blend
  • Take a steel bowl (of the shape you want your cake to be like ) and coat it with the clarified butter well
  • Pour in the cake mixture into the steel bowl
  • Cover the base of the pressure cooker with half inch of sand, sand helps in passing the heating evenly
  • Place the steel bowl with the cake mixture in the pressure cooker, and add some dry fruits to it
  • Close the lid of the pressure cooker without the whistle
Baking in Progress - inside the pressure cooker

Baking in Progress - inside the pressure cooker

  • Let it be there on medium flame for at least 12 minutes
  • The smell of baked cake will come when it is properly baked
  • Insert a knife through the cake, it the knife comes out clean , the cake is properly baked then

Baked properly - time for frosting

Baked properly - time for frosting

  • With a knife scrap the sides of the steel bowl and invert it over a plate
  • Frost it in whatever way you like; I frosted it with castor sugar and gems.


Baking a cake without an oven was really a good experiment, and loved it more when the outcome was sweet and good looking. Check for more updates on this page till then Happy Cooking and Happy Blogging.

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Christmas is that time of  the year when everything around feels so good. In my office almost half the population has gone out for vacation. This time, though I couldnt go home for Christmas, but eys I enjoyed the night and the whole day. Bangalore gets decked up in this winter season with glitters, streamers and rows of lights on the roads.

I prepared a cake at home. I’ll post the recipe soon.

Till then Happy Cooking and Happy Eating

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