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Aug 06

Doi Begun – Eggplants in Spiced Yogurt

Doi Begun – Eggplants in Spiced Yogurt


Dec 04

Quick And Easy Khichdi

Being lazy and hungry is a tough call. You want to eat something wholesome, yet you are too lazy to cook a full course meal. Khichudi is the answer to such situations. A full bowl of khichudi is a life saver during such times.

Aug 02

Chittagong Chicken

Growing up, I have heard my father speaking to his sibling is Chatgaiyya bhasa (Chittagong language), but I still can’t figure out what they say :). The language may be as hard as learning Mandarin to me, but I have heard storied from my grandfather about the beautiful beaches and the picturesque countryside and I wish to visit it someday. As, for now I am happy with the rich and spicy dish this port city of Bangladesh has to offer – the morichut and of course the shutki maach.

Jul 24

Sunday Mutton Curry

Goat Curry

Pathar mangsho (goat meat) can easily be classified as a comfort food as well as an exotic Bengali dish. Some would say, why such a rich and spicy food be called comfort food. The answer is in the meal, garam garam bhaat (warm white rice) with pathar mangsho (mutton curry) and a slice of gandoraj lebu – do you want anything else from this world?

Apr 24

Dal Palang – Red Lentil with Spinach

Dal Palang

Spinach with its greeny leaves is one of the best sources of plant nutrition. It contains loads of soluble dietary fibers and is a very good for a weight reducing diet. Red lentil also has high calcium content and dietary fibers. So, this simple preparation of dal palang or dal palak, however you want to call it is great for a healthy diet.

Mar 06

Bata Mach Sarse Diye- Fish in Rich Mustard Gravy

Bata Maach _2

How long do you think a Bong can be without fish? Not long. With tens of rivers crisscrossing the state and the huge Bay of Bengal in South Bongs have a special knack for fish.

Apr 25

Chanar Dalna – Homemade Bengali Cottage Cheese Curry

Chanar Dalna

The most popular Bengali vegetarian curry, which had been remained an open secret over centuries – chanar dalna is one of the many ways of toughing your soul through food in a very Bengali style.

Apr 21

Comfort Food – Dahliya Khichudi

Dahliya Khichudi

Fan us on Facebook . You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email When you are sick and tired to the rich and spicy food, there’s nothing better than to have a wholesome comfort food. Even psychological studies show that when you consume comfort food it picks up positive emotions and also relieves from negative mental affects. Comfort foods …

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Feb 02

Alu Chokha – Bengali Mashed Potato

Alu Chokha

Alu Bhaat-e Bangali, the literal translation can be rice and potatoes make a Bengali. Yes, its true. The love for this Bengali version of mashed potatoes is something to look forward in every Bong.

Jun 25

Alu Potoler Tarkari

Potol assumes a high significance in Bengali kitchen during summer. Here is a simple but tasty Potol recipe – Alu Potoler Tarkari. Use Parwal (Pointed Gourd) and quintessential Alu for this yummy curry.

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