Restaurant Review: FAVA

If you are searching for a change of taste while in Bangalore, the recent addition to the chain of restaurants at UB City, Fava can be the best option. Tired and hungry after going around the palatial mall, you can have a nice and cool supper at the wonderful restaurant.

Mediterranean restaurant as they like to call themselves, Fava offers a wide range of platters, though they specialize in Lebanese and Italian cuisine. You can find a wide range of menus to choose from, ranging from Greek salads, yogurt chicken soups to grilled chicken and of course to end with a varied type of desserts.

Though a bit in the higher range, a one time visit to the restaurant is a must.


Still in Bangalore and I am having fun. Play, long drives, long talks, everything together marked a good weekend passed.

Diwali-Diya-Daler Vada

Autumn in India is all about festivals. Every day brings in the smell of the coming festivities, the joys and the of course the food. Shopping, visting places, meeting relatives and friends,travelling, pandal hopping, worshipping the goddesses, painting the house, coloring rangolis, eating, cooking –  all comes as if in a package in this festival…