2011 In Retrospect

The last year was a time to learn and gain more experience. 12 months and 365 days after we can truelly say that CLB has grown up one more year. Thanks to you all for your continuous support.

Bodhon: The starting of Puja

The Puja has arrived. Yesterday was Shasthi, which marked the starting of worshipping of the Goddess of power, Devi Durga. Click on to have asneak pick of the Kolkata Puja on Shasthi day.

Restaurant Review: FAVA

If you are searching for a change of taste while in Bangalore, the recent addition to the chain of restaurants at UB City, Fava can be the best option. Tired and hungry after going around the palatial mall, you can have a nice and cool supper at the wonderful restaurant.

Mediterranean restaurant as they like to call themselves, Fava offers a wide range of platters, though they specialize in Lebanese and Italian cuisine. You can find a wide range of menus to choose from, ranging from Greek salads, yogurt chicken soups to grilled chicken and of course to end with a varied type of desserts.

Though a bit in the higher range, a one time visit to the restaurant is a must.

Happy Mother’s Day

It’s the second Sunday of May and it’s Mother’s Day. Mom the most special person in the world and this post is an ode to my mother – a small gift to the very loving lady who has brought me up and taught me to cook such wonderful Bengali recipes.

There can’t be an end to the thanks I owe to her. And of course Mother’s Day is not enough to show the love and respect to Ma, but still Happy Mother’s Day Ma :).

Subho Nabobarsho

The Bengali New Year starts from the mid of April, this year its on 15th of April. The Borshobaron Utsav (Celebration to Welcome the New Year) marks the start of a New Year.

Wishing you all a very Happy Bengali New Year. Subho Nababarsho!


Still in Bangalore and I am having fun. Play, long drives, long talks, everything together marked a good weekend passed.

A bengali’s take on Ganesh Chaturthi

Earlier, the only ways bongs knew that it was Ganesh Chaturthi – was either looking at a holiday calendar or watching Ganesha idol immersion at Mumbai on TV. But, this year I celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at my Kolkata house. Alpona, Pujo, Narkel Nadu – it was a total bong affair altogether.

Here’s my festival dairy and some mythology dose for the auspicious day.

Ganpati Baapa Mourya!

Broken egg for Click

A fort night back I had posted with a week’s resource of “Breakfast with egg”. Egg is the best way to have a wholesome and yummy breakfast. Out of these recipes the Mughlai Paratha recipe has become an instant hit.
Talking about eggs, I am sending this photo to Jugalbandi’s Click contest for this month, the theme being Bicolor.

Welcome to Our New Site

Welcome to a new home of Bengali Cuisine, Sudeshna’s popular blog on Bengali Food. Though Bongs claim to be ‘Khaddo Roshik’ (food connoisseur), there are too few prominent voices on Bengali food on the web. This blog will try to fill the gap. Happy reading.

Mama I’m coming home

After a long long time I am going home. Though the stay is only for 5 days, I’ll be back to Bangalore on Monday with lots and lots of recipes from my mom’s kitchen.  If you are looking for tourist sightseeing places nearby Bangalore then you need not worry as there are many interesting places…

CHEERS ! ! !

Thanks to all my dear viewers for making my blog a success. It has crossed another hurdle , today I can proudly declare my blog to be among the 2000+ viewer blog group. It felt so great to see that 2006 hits when I logged in this evening. And hold on, my blog has attained…

Thank you

Thank you all my visitors to this site for making my work a success. The blog is not even 2 months old and it has crossed that 1000 hits hurdle. This has given me a new zeal to work on new recipes and post those all for you. So till my next post happy cooking…


Hello everybody , I had been busy with my profession  so couldn’t give much time to my hobby. I am sorry for my absence. Would be writing about a new recipe tomorrow.Till then please do bear with me.