Thandai for Holi

The full moon in the month of March marks the Indian festival of Holi. The festival of unity and happiness. My fond memories of Holi are playing with my uncles and aunts at my grandmom’s house. Gulal or as we call in Bengali, “aabir” covered sidewalks and of course the huge brass pichkari my uncle…

Watermelon Mint Sorbet

With Memorial Day passed by, summer has set in. The Texas sun has started taking its toll, and it has become almost impossible to go out in the afternoon. With the heat rising and the dry weather, the best thing to keep yourself cool is to have loads of fruits.

Snacks and Tea

Iced tea with its refreshing coolness is a welcome break during a warm afternoon.

Pati Lebur Sarbet – Lemonade

Fan us on Facebook . You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email With the mercury rising every day and no sign of rain, this is the time of keeping yourself hydrated. The heat and the sweat makes your body loose lots and lots of water. Especially with children, its summer time and all they want is to play…

Summer Cooler – Coke Punch

Summers are a real tough thing for all – the heat, the sweat, the loss of energy. Lots of fruits and lots of drink is the only way to beat the heat.

Strawberry Lassi for the Spring Break

A very berry summer cooler – the strawberry lassi. Its easy to prepare and yummy to taste. You can also let your kids do a diy project for this spring break.