Rosh Bora for Sankranti

Happy Sankranti!! This is my first post for 2021, and wanted to start with a sweet note, and what better than an authentic Bengali sweet prepared during Poush Parbon. Poush Parbon is a special day for me, even though I have grown up in a single family household, this was the day when all aunts,…

Gurer Nadu – Jaggery & Coconut Laddoo

Fan us on Facebookor Instagram. You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email Subho Bijaya Hope you had a nice Durga Puja, spending time with family amidst the pandemic. I cannot believe one more Durga Puja gone and its already Bijaya time. Growing up Bijaya was a big thing in our family. Our entire family, no matter where…

Jilipi – The Bengali Jalebi

Fan us on Facebookor Instagram. You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email Kochuri and jilipi is a match made in heaven. The ultimate Bengali breakfast consists of those too things, and of course a cup of piping hot tea. To me jilipi are supposed to be eaten while still warm and crunchy. So, during my visits to…

Rosh Bora

A Bengali meal is incomplete without a dessert or at least a sweet treat at the end. And, sometimes the sweet treat are just to eat for snack, or so if you desire. I have a big sweet tooth and I love every kind of sweets and desserts; if only I didn’t have to count…

4 Minute Microwave Peda

Fan us on Facebook and Instagram . You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email. Subho Bijayar Priti O Suvecha And, the 5 days of celebrations come to an end with Dashami. Every year the day marks a bitter sweet farewell to the biggest festival of Bengalis. Dashami marks the end of Durga puja, and bijaya starts. Bijaya is the…

Bhapa Doi – Baked Sweet Yogurt

Fan us on Facebook . Like us on Instagram. You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email There are a lot of things a miss about Kolkata, and mishti doi comes quite on the top of the list. The creamy delicacy served in earthern pots is a food connoisseur’s dream. To set a perfect bowl of that yummy yogurt…

Malai Kulfi – Indian Spiced Ice Cream

Fan us on Facebook . You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email The Texas summer is in full swing now. The highest temperature for an average day is now above 100F, that would be almost 38C; yes the high school mathematics is of much help these days. Texas summers are hot and dry, and for me there is…

Shrikhand – Indian Saffron Mousse

Shrikhand is a very popular Gujrati dessert. Yogurts is flavored with various Indian spices to prepare this sweet. It is generally had as a dessert but sometimes it is also served a side dish with puri or luchi

Durga Puja 2013 Timtable and Kalakand in Microwave

Durga puja has already started. As Bengal gets decked up with all the pandals and the puja shopping almost come to an end, I on the other hand, living thousands of miles away is waiting for this weekend to arrive. The Durga puja in the US is held during weekends just for the convenience of the attendees.

No Bake Mango Cheesecake

Add some color and flavor to your summer dinner. Serve this hassle free no bake mango cheesecake for dessert and see how your family enjoys.

Gurer Payesh – Rice Pudding with Jaggery

Payesh is offered as bhog during pujas, and also as a sweet treat for every birthday. Payesh has a special place in the menu to bid farewell to your loved ones. A Bengali occasion without payesh is yet to be heard of.

Mini Apple Pie

Fan us on Facebook . You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email How will you define friendship? The first friend with whom you went to kindergarten; crying all the way because it was the first day without parents around. The school friends, who made you those naughty deeds, and of course that includes eating phuchka after school. The…

Summer Dessert – Fruit Custard

Fan us on Facebook . You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email Summer is the time to have everything cold from drinks to salads and from starters to desserts. And, with those lots of berries flooded in the market, there’s nothing better to get some in your plate. The strawberry lassi is one of my favourites. There are…

Shahi Tukda – Nawabi Bread Pudding

Royal morsel or the Shahi tukda or more coloquially double ka meetha is one of the very few eggless bread pudding which you can find in any cuisine. Apparently invented by the chefs of the nawabs kitchen this typical Moghul dessert has a special place in every Nawabi restaurants and cookbooks.

Patol Mishti

There can be many savory dishes made with patol, but a sweet entirely of sweets is definitely a stand apart.