Holi – The Festival of Colors Event RoundUp

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Holi is one of largest and probably the most exhilarating festivals in India. Though a Hindu religious festival, Holi is played by almost all communities and it is the festival of colors. It is to celebrate the arrival of spring and also for the good harvest. People throw colored powder and water at each other, the entire country gets immersed in colors of joy.

It is the festival of colors. This year, Holi will be celebrated on March 27, 2013. So, to be a part of this colorful festival we ta Cook Like a Bong hosted Holi – The Festival of Colors event. The event was sponsored by CupoNation, and two lucky winners will get Flipkart gift vouchers worth 1000 and 500 INR.

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How can an Indian festival go by without mentioning food. So, that here’s how I came up with the idea to host an event for food for Holi. The event theme was to prepare a dish inspired by the Holi festival and to portray the different colors in the plate. We received loads of recipes from many bloggers and non-bloggers from all over the world. You can see the entries below. Scroll down further to know who the lucky winners.

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The post from non-blogger, Anu are here:

Bread Gulab Jamun

Bread Gulab Jamun Recipe
Dessert, Indian
  • *Bread-6 slices(brown part removed)
  • *milk-5 or 6 tablsp
  • *cardamom-5
  • *sugar-half cup
  • *water-1 cup
  • *almonds/cashews(optional)
  • *oil
  • >Mix bread and milk to a consistency so that u can roll balls from it...If U want U can make bread to small crumbs 1st.dough should not be soggy
  • >make small balls,fry them in oil or ghee
  • >Boil water,sugar and crushed cardamom till it become syrup(dont make it too thick,once it cools it will get more thicker)
  • >remove syrup from heat,allow to cool,then add bread balls
  • >atleast keep it for 1hr,or refrigerate,garnish with thinly sliced almonds

Choco Cup Icecream

Choco Cup Icecream Recipe
Dessert, Indian
  • Disposable glass
  • *chocolate
  • *ice cream or whipping cream
  • *nuts,biscut crumbs,fruits or wafers...
  • Melt chocolate by double boiling or in oven
  • Pour to glass and spread evenly with a brush or spoon
  • Keep in freezer for at least 1 hr and make sure it is hardened enough before you take it out
  • With a knife,carefully separate glass and chocolate,again keep in fridge
  • By this time you can prepare filling, either ice cream or whipping cream
  • Fill your cup with anything of UR choice(nuts or biscuit) and finally top it up with ice cream

And, here are the winners for the Flipkart vouchers sponsored by  CupoNation.

1. Vijaylakshmi of Virunthu unna vaanga

2. Saraniya of Sara’s tasty buds

Both of you please send me an email to bengalicuisne[at]gmail[dot]com so that I can send you the vouchers.

 Thanks to all those who shared your wonderful recipes for this event.

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