Jun 26

Chili Paneer

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Chinese recipes from China and that from India has a stark difference. Chinese dishes sold in Chinese restaurants in India are more Indian than Chinese, a blazing example of that is probably the gobi manchurian. A friend of mine who recently shifted from Bangalore to Shanghai went to this Chinese restaurant in Sanghai and even before he could take a look at the menu, he asked for the gobi manchurian, ok he said cauliflower manchurian. The waiter was kind of amazed and starttled. The closest thing he has heard to gobi manchurian is Manchurian people who come from Northern China, Manchuri. Even wikipedia expalains manchurian as a recipe from Indian cuisine and not Chinese..lol.

While in school, fried rice and chili chicken has been one of my favorite going-out-with-friends food. I love the spicy tangy taste of chili chicken. As I grew, the gravy from the chilli chicken vanished and the fried rice was replaced by alcohol. The dried chilli chicken is a wonderful side to go with any kind of alcohol – beer, vodka, whisky – you name it.

Chili Paneer

Now, with the growing number of vegetarian friends in my circle, I had to but replace the chicken from chili chicken with paneer. Paneer though loosely translated in English as cottage cheese, is not exactly cottage cheese. The cottage cheese you get in the supermarkets in US is more gooey and comes lumps. While the paneer is harder and more plain in texture. So, the only way to get paneer in US is to go to an Indian store. The non-melting farmer’s cheese or the German quark are a close relative to the Indian paneer.

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 Chili Paneer Indo Chinese recipe

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  1. foodtuts.com

    Very nicely done.

  2. Mr Sumit

    I Love to eat this..!! Chilli Paneer one of my favourite in Veg. Thanks for sharin g this.

  3. Nava Krishnan

    Love the twist to this recipe. Paneer cooked in a chili base gooey gravy is simply tempting. Its a fabulous dish which I will enjoy with rice.

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