Announcing Christmas Event

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I studied in a convent school, so Christmas was a big thing. I remember the whole week before the school closed for winter vacation we had to give gifts to the slums nearby. The gifts included food, soaps and also our old clothes. We decorated the entire school with streamers, light bulbs and there was the big manger decorated in front of the chapel. And, at the end of all these work there was the big piece of cake waiting.
So many years have passed, but I still miss school during this time of the year. So, this year I thought of celebrating along with you guys. Here I am announcing the Christmas event 2012. The theme for this event is as you have already guessed is Christmas. You can send any recipe that you would want to share with us, preferably a baked recipe – cakes, pies, breads, this year we will be offering box lunch catering in our event.

There is no limit to the number of recipes you can send  for the event. Just send the recipes along with a photo of the preparation (the photo should not be more than 100Kb).  Send in your entries to bengalicuisine[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject  “Entry for Christmas Event 2012” along with the following details:

Name of author:
Name of the recipe:
Name of the blog:
URL of the blog:
Attach the picture with the mail

You can add the logo in your post or also on your sidebar. Send in new recipes or archived recipes. If you are sending any old recipes please update the post with the link to this event announcement.

Those who don’t have a blog please send in your recipe in word document format.
You can send in your entries from today till December 15, 12 midnight PST. I will post the round-up before Christmas.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance. 

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