Chingri Bhapa in Microwave

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The availability of a particular food builds up its niche in the local cuisine. So, has been the case with shrimps and prawns in Eastern Indian cuisine, especially in Bengali recipes. There are many rivers flowing through Bengal and that makes the fresh catch so popular in all Bengali cookings. Be it the simple rohu curry or the much coveted steamed Hilsa, it seems we Bengalis cannot complete a meal without fish. And, if that fish spells shrimps there can’t be a happier fellow.

While cooking fish seems to be a rather difficult task for those who are new to the kitchen techniques, the veteran ladies find it comforting to get hold of a simple fish curry, which will tickle the senses when served. This shrimp recipe in microwave is definitely for all (read the newcomers and pros in kitchen). While the chingri bhapa or steamed shrimp takes much longer to cook on your stoves it’s just a matter of six to eight minutes in the microwave. I assure you, anybody can cook this one.


  • 250gms deshelled and deveined shrimps
  • 6 tablespoon of mustard seeds paste
  • ½ cup fresh and thick coconut milk
  • 1 teaspoon turmeric powder
  • 4 /5 green chili, slit from middle
  • 4 tablespoon mustard oil
  • Salt to taste


  • Clean the shrimps thoroughly and put in a microwave safe bowl with alid
  • Put in all the ingredients and  mix well
  • Place the bowl in a microwave oven and cook covered on microwave high (100%) for 6 -8 min or till the shrimps turn a little hard
  • Serve hot with warm white rice

Hot Tips – Instead of putting the shrimps in a bowl you can also use a pulpy green coconut, put everything inside and cook on microwave medium for 8 – 10mins.

If you are health conscious then you can just cut down the amount of oil and also take out the husk from the mustard seeds paste.

This microwave preparation goes to MEC: Gravies and Curries hosted by Srivalli of Cooking 4 All Seasons. And also to Anyone Can Cook hosted at Taste of Pearl City.

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