Subho Nabobarsho

Wishing you all Bongs and non-Bongs a very Happy Bengali New Year 1417.

In the words of the great poet, Rabindranath Tagore, we welcome the new year :

Esho he Baisakh esho esho|
Tapasnishwas bahe murmursure dao uraye,
batsarer aborjana dur haye jak||
jak puratan smriti, jak bhule jao geeti,
ashru bashpo sudure milak
Here is a video for the occassion:

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  2. Sudeshna O Kalyan,
    Shubho nababarshar shubhechcha janai tomader dujanke…bhalo theko..
    send me some entries for my event Spotlight: Summer food & drinks to this

  3. Happy New Year to you too. Its Tamil New Year’s Too.

  4. Sudeshna and Kalyan,
    Wishing both of you shobho nababorsho too..
    hugs and smiles

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