Microwave Chocolate-Honey Spiral Cookies

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I just came across the event organized by Malar this month. It’s a lovely event, the theme tells you everything about it – Kitchen Disasters. Kitchen disasters are not a new thing in probably anybody’s kitchen, especially for those who recently got married or just moved away from home. When I started cooking a year and a half back even I faced such problems frequently. Kitchen mishaps have now gone down because of the practice, but of course it’s not extinct. But when it comes to baking I am always there to do some kind of mishaps. The main reason behind this probably lack of a proper baking oven. I always try to bake something in the microwave oven and it turns out to be awful. Just last month, after much searching on the internet I got hold of a youtube video which taught to bake a cake in a cup in the microwave. I followed the steps, and the result was horrible. The first one was hard like a stone with an entirely blackened core. One burnt cake could not turn me down, I tried with the other one – that was even worse than the first one, it looked like a cake, but couldn’t eat it. It was so spongy, that my sister and myself started pulling from both sides to tear it into two pieces.

I clicked an image of this disaster, and was waiting for the right time to publish this. And what better way can I find but to send the entry for an event. The burnt cake chapter never turned me down, and so I was again in search of something to bake in the microwave oven. This time it came to my google reader, a post on microwave cookies by Indrani. I was very happy to get this post. First, the post was from a very loving person. Second, the cookies were baked in the microwave oven. I followed almost the same way as Indrani’s but made a little change but preparing two types of dough – one with honey and the other with chocolate, just to bring a little color to the cookies. I used the Cadbury chocolate, broke them down into small pieces. The cookies, to my utter happiness turned out to be good, at least not burnt or having some disastrous textures. But, they were a little hard which was probably because of over baking them. When I asked Indrani about it she said to Microwave the cookies for a less time.

Makes 30 cookies

Preparation time 1hr 15min

Baking time 3-4min




All purpose flour (Maida): 3 cups

Butter (Makhan): 100gms, at room temperature

White sugar (Chini): ¾ cup

Honey (Tupelo): ½ cup. As a side note, I was recently able to find some Tupelo Honey for Sale online, for those who are interested. 

Egg (Dim): 1, beaten well

Almond (Kath badam): A handful, coarsely chopped

Chocolate chips: 90gm


  • Divide all the ingredients except honey, and chocolate into two equal parts

For the honey dough:

  • Mix butter, honey and half the sugar and heat it over low flame till the sugar gets dissolved, keep it aside to cool to room temperature

For the chocolate dough:

  • Mix butter, chocolate chips, and the rest of the sugar and heat it over low flame with constant stirring till the sugar and chocolate dissolves, keep aside until cooled

  • Pour half the egg into the honey mix and the rest into the chocolate mix, fold well
  • Pour the two mixes separately into two halves of the flour and make into two firm dough
  • Refrigerate the two dough after wrapping them with plastic film for an hour or so
  • Take the two dough and roll them into a half-inch thick circles, now put the chocolate one over the honey mix dough and roll them together
  • Cut the roll laterally into half-inch thick cookies and place them on a microwave safe plate

  • Microwave high (800watts for my MW) for 3-4 mins; let them cool inside the microwave oven. Keep in an air tight jar and feast on them whenever you feel like.

Hot Tips – When baked in the microwave oven, the cookies start getting baked from the centre, so check the cookies in between baking once to make sure they don’t get over baked.

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Amount Per Serving (1 cookie)

  • Calories 59
  • Calories from Fat  24
  • Polyunsaturated Fat 0.3g
  • Monounsaturated Fat  1.4g
  • Cholesterol 3mg
  • Sodium 28mg
  • Total Carbohydrates 8.2g
  • Dietary Fiber 0.2g
  • Protein 0.6g

Sending this post to Malar Gandhi for hosting a wonderful event  –Kitchen Disasters.

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21 thoughts on “Microwave Chocolate-Honey Spiral Cookies

  1. One of my constant failure was in bread baking! But now my breads are decent! Never took any pict of my failure! Cookies never thought doing in microwave!

  2. Sudeshna,

    MW te cookies ,lovely! ,have you checked the recipe well before trying it..onek samay recipe itself states some wrong steps or ingredients , amaar sathe eyi ta onek baar hoyeche , tai ami baking er jono ekta site ache Allrecipes , er chara onek kom hi recipes kotha O theke try kori, tobe tumaar eyi recipe ta nischoyi try korbo , amaar meyer bhalo lagbe spiral cookies khete :)..
    hugs and smiles

    1. Priya,

      Thank you so much for dropping by. I can’t recollect why I had taken this pic, probably was taking for such events at the back of my mind. Anyways even at times disasters help :). At least they give a little potion to laugh at yourself.

  3. Sudeshna, cookies look perfect, MW baked cookies tends to get hard, but it tastes as good as oven baked cookies..your recipe is wonderful..I’ll make this next time..my daughter will love this

  4. I too have the disasters especially while baking only…till now I am little scared to bake a cake..Thanks for sharing…its very interesting to read..between your cookies looks awesomw..

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