Free eBook on Bengali Festive Recipes – Saradiya Rannabati


What does the word Sharadiya ( or Saradiya) mean to you?

Surely, you would identify with the several connotations of the word beyond its literal meaning (that which comes in the Autumn). Hymns by Birendra Kishore Bhadra on All India Radio, the great homecoming (Bongs flock from all parts of the country/elsewhere to their hometown), the annual shopping frenzy (what are you wearing on Saptami? On Nabami evening?), Sharod publications (Patrika, Bartaman, Anandalok take your pick), the three eyed Ma Durga with her Pangopal, the Kash ful dancing to the tunes of the fluttering breeze, the hair raising yet rhythmic beat of the traditional Dhak, the exquisite Pandals and the teeming millions, the egg-roll stalls (and your diet regime goes for a toss!), Akalbodhan, Khain, Bisarjan

Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the Carnival of the Year!

Free eBook

This Festive Season, Cook Like a Bong brings to you a collection of 26 traditional and trendy Bengali recipes in a free eBook, titled Saradiya Rannabati 2010. Do what you like, go anywhere you want, eat whatever you can lay your hands on. This Durga Puja, Eat Pray Live. 🙂

Eat Pray Live
Eat Pray Live

What’s on the Menu?

A collection of authentic Bengali recipes including fries, side dishes, main course and sweets and desserts from the BengaliCuisine kitchen and also from five different contributors. Unfold the secrets of the famous Kolkata phuchka. Know how to cook the brilliant looking Basanti pulao. Don’t miss the Chingri Bhapa, Doi Post Ilish or the mouthwatering Misti Doi. End the fare with Anarosher Chutney or Aamer Morobba.

Salivating already? Without wait, pounce on the delicacies. Please enter your name and email id in the box below to subscribe to our blog and we will give you the eBook for free.

Many Thanks to…

Thanks to all our readers, whose repeat visits to the website keep its traffic stats healthy. Kudos to the 2500+ strong community at Cook like a Bong’s Facebook Page – your discussions help everyone appreciate the myriad variations of Bangali Ranna. Special thanks to Jeet Saikia for designing the cover page of this e-book and to all our eBook recipe contributors.

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  1. Chandra Ghosh Jain

    Keep me on the next e book please.

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    I request you to kindly send me a book of Saradiya Rannabati by VPP immediataly, follwing the address given below.

    Mr. P.S.Langthasa, Chandpur Nagar, Kalachand, P.O. Khejurbond. Dist: Dima Hasao. State: Assam, Pin Code: 788834, INDIA.

    Yours faithfully

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    Will be waiting eagerly for the book.

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    I love your website and have been following it for a while. Could you please mail me a copy of the book. Will be extremely grateful! Thanks in advance


    • Sudeshna Banerjee

      Hi Latish,

      Unfortunately we have stopped giving out the book. But, we are preparing for a new book to be published soon, so please watch out in our blog.

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    I love your website and have been following it for a while. Could you please mail me a copy of the book. Will be extremely grateful! Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Pls mail me this ebook as i just love bengali food.

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    I just love bengali food… i really want this book. Pls send it to me asap.

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