Egg Maggi Noodles in easy quick steps

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Recipe in 8 words

Prepare Egg Bhurji, prepare maggi and mix both.

Seriously, that’s Egg Maggi for you. If you want to learn the details, read on.

Egg and Maggi Noodles
Egg and Maggi Noodles

Maggi noodles – the Youth Icon

Over the years, several folks have enjoyed the status of being voted MTV Youth Icon – SRK, Rahul Dravid, Anil Ambani, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Orkut etc. These figures touch your life, but not a daily basis.

Maggi Noodles is undoubtedly the Youth Icon. Calories notwithstanding, Maggi comes to your help during late nights, rush breakfast, supper or when your cook hasn’t turned up.

Last was true in my case when I decided its time for Egg Maggi Noodles as a standalone dish.

Preparing Egg Bhurji
Preparing Egg Bhurji
Preparing Egg Bhurji
Preparing Egg Bhurji

How to prepare Egg Maggi Noodles

Serves – 1; Prep time – 12 min

  1. Beat the eggs, salt and pepper (if you like) – I usually do it in a steel glass, just like your neighborhood anda wala
  2. In the frying pan, add some oil and let it heat
  3. Pour the mixture from step 1 on the pan
  4. Make egg bhurji i.e. use a spoon to mix the egg mixture so that it mashes well
  5. In another pan, add two cups water and boil
  6. Add Maggi tastemaker to water and stir
  7. Break the Maggi noodles into 4 and add broken Maggi noodles to the boiling mix. Mix well.
  8. 3 minutes later (rather when the Maggi noodles have soaked enough water – but don’t worry about this too much), add the egg bhurji to boiling Maggi noodles. Mix well.
Boiling Maggi Noodles
Boiling Maggi Noodles
Egg Maggi Noodles
Egg Maggi Noodles

Voila! Your Egg Maggie Noodles (Anda Maggi) in front of you. Enjoy with ketchup.

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28 thoughts on “Egg Maggi Noodles in easy quick steps

  1. i 1st heard “Egg Maggi” on some stalls in my city unfortunately i could not found any chance to grab it anytime,but i googled and found this recipe.however i have not cook it but i hope i’ll love it 😛

  2. Anda (Egg) Maggie and Panner (cottage cheese) Maggie…..ahhh my college days and nights has been full of these yummy stuff. Nothing can beat Maggie my favorite favorite Maggie 🙂

  3. Hi Sudeshna

    This happened to be son’s favourite dish till March this year when he was busy preparing for CBSE boards. He always calls maggi with egg burji his midnite feast. Now that he is in the hostel this dish of yours made me very nostalgic. It was also my fav dish during my uni days at hoste.
    Anyways pls keep update with such fab dishes. Bhalo theko.

    1. Amanda,
      Even I had a time when I used to say that I couldn’t cook. But, with time and practice even I have become a semi-pro. All the best to you for your kitchen expeditions.

  4. its true………. so tasty snack and amateurs can make it simply by self.
    we can also add egg after the noodles is boiled so the egg didnt become will paste on the noodles its so tasty.and the egg lovers likeit very much.

  5. Yup, this is a fantastic snack.

    And this is for all my fellow cheese lovers…… You may sprinkle some grated cheese on the egg maggi (allow it to cool in room temp for a while otherwise the cheese will melt),just before serving .

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