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Welcome to our new website. This website is about: the love for Bengali food. Learning how to cook Bengali dishes with the age old spices. Here, you will find everything about Bengali cuisine and how to be a master in the art.

Inviting smiles
Inviting smiles

Why a blog on Bengali cuisine?

One Answer – because we had a hard time finding a real good food blog focused on Bengali recipes and Sudeshna churned out regular Bengali recipes at her blog (which clocks > 7500 pageviews a month), so this attempt.

Another Answer – 230 million (source Wikipedia) Bongs are spread over India, Bangladesh, US, UK etc. Over decades, Bengali food (both sweets and dishes) have earned reputation in India and elsewhere, yet renowned voices of Bengali food in English are too few (Rinki BhattacharyaSutapa). Of late, however, there has been sudden growth of Restaurants serving Bengali food. Bangalore has 10+ quality Bengali restaurants now.

There are millions of Bengalis spread around the globe, who just want to taste mom’s alu posto or the chatni at the end of the afternoon meal. But most of us are not aware of the right ingredients or when to use them. This blog will help you through the preparations and so that your kitchen can also smell of the one back home. We dedicate this blog to all those who love aroma and taste of Bengali food.

What more? Our blog will also have some recipes from the other cuisines from India and other parts of the world.This blog aims to become one stop shop to master the art of bengali cuisine. There are at present 80 different recipes to choose from, which we had imported from our previous wordpres.com blog. Pick one, cook (or ask your cook to cook) and let us know how it fared.

If your taste buds are yet to encounter Bengali dishes, there is a lot for you to benefit from here. If you are a seasoned cook, I would appreciate if you could give your valuable comments on the posts. So sit back and enjoy the delicious recipes from all over Bengal.

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