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Thanks for subscribing to Cook Like a Bong. You can now access the subscribers special content, the free eBook titled Saradiya Rannabati 2010. It is a collection of 26 traditional and trendy Bengali recipes to enjoy this festive season.

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We have several people to thank for making the eBook see the light of the day. Our regular readers throughout CLB’s history, special contributors for the eBook (Indrani Dhar, Debjani Chaudhuri, Kalyan Karmakar, Sreeparna Samantha and Rituparna Sen), the massive contributors at CLB page at Facebook and our well wishers. Special thanks to Jeet Saikia for designing the cover.

Let us know how we fared in this – what you liked, what you disliked, what you think we should improve in the next edition.

Now, all we can say is – Eat Like a Bong!

Eat Like a Bong
Eat Like a Bong
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    1. I book will automatically be sent to your inbox once you approve it through the first mail that you recieve.

  1. Thankyou Sudeshna for helping me out…am really excited and looking forward to this weekend and will get back to you on how the lunch/dinner fared…Thank a lot!!!

  2. Thanks for the book….I need a small help though…I am a south Indian married to a bengali and I’d like to surprise my husband with a complete bengali menu…can u help me plan the menu with the recipes…he doesn’t eat fish, so I can substitute it with Chicken or mutton..but the rest, can u please please help me plan it?????

  3. Bong Ranna
    Jotoi Chan nna!

    Sohog Noy Taa
    Holen Lobodonka..

    Chinta Noy Taa
    Sange Thak Naa
    Bong Bhorsaa..

  4. thank you for the book”Cook like a BONG”. I am looking forward to some great cooking and enjoyable eating.

  5. Sudeshna,
    Awesome work, hats off to both of you…I noticed some are without image, If you want, I can provide Dhokar Dalna and Anarasher chutney image, and One more correction is needed if possible, I have no access to Appyayan now, I blog at Recipe Junction( now. If possible can you add this page with Appyayan?

  6. Awesome job done.. couldnt follow up earlier on the cover page but the final result is just brilliant..congo to all of you..!!!!

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