Roadside Tadka

I have posted this recipe before but its for Srivalli that I am posting it once more to participate in the event hosted by her.

Serves 2


Green Mugh dal: 150gms

Tomato: 2 medium sizes

Onion (Peyaj): 2 large ones

Garlic (Rasun): 7 or 8 cloves

Kasturi Methi (Fenugreek leaves): 1 tablespoon

Green chili (Sukhno Lanka): 3

Turmeric powder (Halud guro): 1 teaspoon

Sunflower Oil (Saada tel): 2 tablespoons

Salt to taste

The Ingredients
The Ingredients


  • Soak the mugh dal for about an hour.
  • Pressure cook for at 2 to 3 whistles.
  • Drain the excess water out of the dal and keep aside.
  • Cut the onions in square pieces, and the chilies into small ringlets.
  • Heat the oil in a shallow wok.
  • As the oil gets heated throw in the onions to sauté along with the garlic.
  • As the onions become tender, add tomatoes and chili, sauté for 2 more minutes.
  • Add the mugh dal, turmeric powder, salt and toss well.
  • Add little water if necessary and in between mash the dal properly.
  • Now add the Kasturi Methi to the preparation and mix well.
  • Scramble to eggs in a separate frying pan with little salt and throw in to the Tarka preparation.
  • Take it out of flame as it gets dried up.
Tarka with roti, curd and onion
Tarka with roti, curd and onion

It tastes best with roti or paratha and a little bit of curd and onions. You can add chicken or mutton keema, or anything of your choice. Tarka also tastes good without adding any other non-vegetarian items to it. So, you can have it without any other supplementary to it. Catch you soon, till then Happy Cooking and Happy Eating.

Sending my recipe to Srivalli’s Announcing My Legume Love Affair, Seventh Helping! , the event brain child of Well-Seasoned Cook Susan .


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19 thoughts on “Roadside Tadka

  1. I love tarka roti, always eat it when I used to visit my nani in kolkatta!
    Thanks for the recipe 🙂 will make it tonight!

  2. Well firstly I would like to thank you for this recipe but there are two things I would like to rectify over here with due respect. It might be a different recipe but being a freelancer on cooking recipes myself I would like to add here that ginger needs to be added in the ingredients and green chillies are not called sukhno lanka. Sukhno lanka are the dry red chillies.

  3. Dal with egg….! I am sure the dal dish stinks with the smell of egg…I would rather eat egg individually…

    1. Hi Swati,
      If you love eggs, then you should definitely try it. If you don’t like the way its prepared you can just fry the egg like scrambled eggs and garnish the fried egg over the tadka. Or else just leave the egg. We also make it with minced meat.

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