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October Monthly Round and Event Announcement

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October was a month of festivities. October brought in the Goddess Durga back to her father’s home in a four day festivity with loads of pomp and grandeur.  Then came the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. Lakshmi is worshiped in every household on the Purnima (full moon night) of the month of Ashwin. Just a few days after was the time for Diwali and Kali Puja. Cracking fireworks and lighting the oil lamps is an integral part of this festival. I celebrated Diwali in Bangalore this time. With all these festivities, Cook Like a Bong had only 5 posts for this month including 4 authentic Bengali recipes.

October Roundup_Compressed

Here’s a summary of activities last month at the blog.

We also took part in some of the ongoing events for this month:

We are also co-hosting the 7-stages of life event at Radhika’s blog.

In the month of November we are very glad to host the Think Spice event, the brain child of Sunita of Sunita’s World fame. This month’s theme is Turmeric, so it’s Think Spice: Think Turmeric.

Turmeric is a spice had been grown in India since 3000 B.C. It grows in the hot and humid climate and so the climate of South-Eastern Asia is most suited for the cultivation of turmeric, though it is grown widely in different parts of the world. It is cultivated primarily in Bengal, China, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Java, Peru, Australia and the West Indies. It is almost impossible to imagine an Indian delicacy (other than desserts) without turmeric. This spice has been widely used in various cuisines also all over the world. When Sunita asked me choose the spice for this event, it was very simple to choose, the most widely used spice of this sub-continent was not in the list of the previous hosts and so I chose Turmeric or haldi.

Some health facts about turmeric:

  • Turmeric is a known antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic agent.
  • Turmeric stimulates digestion, supports the liver, and reduces intestinal permeability.
  • It is taken in some Asian countries as a dietary supplement, which helps in stomach problems and other ailments.
  • Curcumin slows the development and growth of a number of types of cancer including prostate cancer. Turmeric may also slow the rate at which hormone-responsive prostate cancer becomes resistant to hormonal therapy.
  • It is also a good source of Vitamin C and Magnesium, and a very good source of Dietary Fiber, Vitamin B6, Iron, Potassium and Manganese.

Other names:

Indian: haldi, halud, arishina, pasupu, manjal
French: curcuma, saffron des Indes
German: Gelbwurz
Italian; curcuma
Spanish: curcuma
Arabic: kharkoum
Burmese: fa nwin
Chinese: wong geung fun
Indian: haldee, haldi, huldee, huldie
Indonesian: kunjit, kunyit
Malay: kunjit
Sinhalese: kaha
Tamil: munjal
Thai: kamin

The rules for this event are very simple, prepare anything (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) with turmeric in it and send your entry to bengalicuisine@gmail.com with the subject line as “Think Spice: Think Turmeric”.

You can also send in your older archived posts for the event just update the post with the link to this event (you need not repost the old post) and also a link to Sunita’s blog.

Please also add the following details in the mail:

Your Name:
Your Blog Name:
Name of the Dish:
Link/URL of the Post:
Attach a Picture of the Dish. Size 300 x 300.

Think Spice: Think TurmericPlease feel free to use this logo.

The deadline for the event is November 30, 2009 12 midnight at your time zone.

If you like this post, please consider linking to it or sharing it with others. I’ll love to hear your comments too. You can also Subscribe to BengaliCuisine by Email, or Subscribe in a reader.

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  1. technology

    timing accordingly and add more water if necessary. bodhaye ami miss korechi…

  2. Sowjanya

    Thanks for accepting the entry. Will try some more dishes, I guess we almost use the spice everyday.Can I also add some info abt turmeric and health?

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      That would be very nice of you if you can add some benefits about turmeric, we can add it up in the roundup section then. Will be waiting for more recipes from you.

      1. Sowjanya

        Thanks! Just posted another entry to the event and a part of article I read from a magazine urging readers to “steal the tip from India” !! I never knew of that use and I hope it will be useful.

  3. Rohini

    Lovely site and wonderful collection of recipes!! And a great event with turmeric! Will send my entries soon :)
    .-= Rohini´s last blog ..Chutney Upma & Nithya’s Rajma Masala =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      Thanks for dropping by, will be waiting for your recipes :).

  4. Aliena Varghese

    have submitted my entry.

    .-= Aliena Varghese´s last blog ..Fiery Chicken =-.

  5. jaya

    tumaar monthly round-up ta amaar khob bhalo lagey..this way i can always catch up with the post I missed…ilish macher patla jhol check korte jachi , bodhaye ami miss korechi…
    enjoy hosting the event and good choice of spice , a very basic one but without it our curries will be all boring and colourless…
    hugs and smiles
    .-= jaya´s last blog ..Macher Matha Diye Moong Dal =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      Ami sei jannei turmeric ta choose korlam, because its so basic and we use it probably just next to salt :).

  6. mandira

    Great choice of spice, now have to think of a recipe to highlight it :)
    .-= mandira´s last blog ..Roasted Butternut Squash =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee


      That is a great idea. Will be waiting for your recipes.

  7. spice

    Turmeric & Indian dishes go hand in hand….I feel one without another is not complete…..and I have just the perfect recipe for this event……hopefully send u more then one enteries

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      You are absolutely right, turmeric is the most widely used spice in Indian cuisines. Do send in your entries fast.

  8. Bhagi

    I add turmeric to almost all of my cooking….will definetly try to post something….
    .-= Bhagi´s last blog ..Green Papaya fry/oriyal/Raw Papaya fry =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      Thanks for dropping by. I will be waiting for your recipes.

  9. Priya

    I cant cook without turmeric, lovely choice Sudeshna, will send my entries for the sure dear..
    .-= Priya´s last blog ..Spicy Garlic & Curryleaves Chutney =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      Thanks you so much, will be waiting for the recipes.

  10. Mona

    Turmeric is such an essential ingredient in Indian cooking. Is there a limit to entries per person? Wonderful spice! Thanks.
    .-= Mona´s last blog ..Buttermilk Pancakes =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      There is no limit to the number of entries, so go ahead and send as many entries as you want.

  11. Radhika

    Good luck. I have a simple recipe… will post it soon…
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Recipe of the Month: Sandhya Hariharan’s Dal Tiranga (Winner of the Food for 7 stages of life – Pregnancy event) =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      Thanks Radhika, would love to get some recipes from you. Please send me the link for the event announcement on your blog, I couldn’t find it and so had to put the blog link only.

  12. SGD

    So many of my dishes have HOLUD in them….konta chhere konta tomaye pathabo!!! ;))
    .-= SGD´s last blog ..Shaboor Bada =-.

    1. Sudeshna Banerjee

      TAhole ekta kaj karo, sab eksathe pathiye dao. That will be best.

  13. Sunita

    Thanks for hosting Sudeshna :-)
    .-= Sunita´s last blog ..Orange and almond cookies =-.

    1. Sudeshna

      Thanks to you for letting me host this wonderful event.
      .-= Sudeshna´s last blog ..October Monthly Round and Event Announcement =-.

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