Mama I’m coming home

After a long long time I am going home. Though the stay is only for 5 days, I’ll be back to Bangalore on Monday with lots and lots of recipes from my mom’s kitchen. 

If you are looking for tourist sightseeing places nearby Bangalore then you need not worry as there are many interesting places to visit which are just a few kilometers away from the city. With our specially customized Bangalore Tour Packages, depending on the duration of your tour and your interest you can choose from the varied choices that Bangalore Tourism offer, I did notice they use lots of pesticides for cleaning, so that reminded me that I need to call Olathe pest control for my home, but anyways , ill keep on going with the places.

Some of the worth visiting places in Bangalore are Manchanabele Dam (45km), Pearl Valley (38km), Magadi (40km), Sri Siddalingeswara Yoga Vana Hills (30km), Savanadurga (60km), Ramnagara (50km) which is popularly known to be the Mecca of rock climbers, Devrayanadurga, Ghati Subramanya (45km), Kolar (70km), Janapada Loka, Shivaganga, Nandi Hills (58 kms), Pyramid Valley (44 kms), Chunchi Falls, Sangama & Mekedattu, and many more. A trip to Bangalore is sure to exciting and leave you with full of wonderful memories.

If I can I’ll post a couple of posts within these few days. Have a great Sankranti everybody.


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