Guess What!!!!


Hello to all my visitors. Today I am in a jolly mood, and so thought of having some fun with allĀ  my visitors. A couple of days back, my mom cooked up something and sent the pics to me. The pics courtesy my little sister, this she told me to specifically mention on my post when I upload the photos.

There was coterie at my home in Kolkata and so mom prepared this. The review that I got from all those who attended the party, was that the preparation was very innovative and very very delicious.

The task for you today is to guess what actually is the dish made of. There are two main ingredients in the preparation and it is purely vegetarian dish.

So put on your thinking caps and start tickling your imagination. I’ll put up the recipe tomorrow. Till then keep guessing.

No more thing, for those who guess it correctly there aren’t prizes to win. It is only to understand yourself how well you can imagine and distinguish the ingredients in your fridge and kitchen.

guess 2

All the best.

Happy Cooking and Happy Eating.

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  1. I am really happy to invite you to participate in the contest that is getting launced on Feb 20 2009 – check out this link for details – contest.

  2. whoa evryone guess right …am very bad i had no clue what this was till i saw the prev recipe!

  3. Some dish with Paneer and spinach….dont know the name yaar…

  4. My vote is for spinach and paneer too..thanks for your wishes dear…will wait for your recipe

  5. this looks like spinach or any other greens and paneer.anyway it looks yummy

  6. I am bad at guessing…will wait for your recipe tomorow

  7. Its looks like spinach puree stuffed in paneer pieces…looks creamy n delicious..

  8. I too thought the same – paneer and spinach rolls in kofta gravy? Ummm….that sounds delicious!

  9. ok..its spinach and cottage cheese??!!!

  10. Sudeshna this looks like paneer and spinach puree to me something similar to the shaam savera. Waiting to check out tomorrow’s recipe:)

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