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While serving chutneys for dinner last night in my little steel chutney bowls, this idea struck me. The chutney bowls were lying in the kitchen drawer in a pile and I thought to send my first ever entry to Bee and Jai’s Jugalbandi for this month’s Click event  “Stack”.

The picture which I sent for the event and you can find the recipe for chutney here.

Click Stack

The features for the pic:

Camera: Nikon D60
Metering: Matrix
Shutter: 1/40
Aperture: F5.3
Focal Length: 38mm
Exposure Mode: Program

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  1. wow! new look …….. its really cool!

  2. Hi Sudeshna,
    Great look for your new blog!!! I loved it very much!!! Congrats for the same!

  3. Nice!! Great place n lovely click Sudeshna. Kokhon korli…aar ki bhaabe? maane don’t u feel scared jodi kichu ulto palta hoye jaaye blog ta ke upgrade korte somoye….tor khub shahos!


  4. wow! that’s a wonderful click!
    wish u all the very best to win the contest!

  5. wow! looks so delicious!

  6. Nice entry..different idea!!

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