Boiled Egg Sandwich

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“Life is like a sandwich – the more you add to it, the better it becomes.”Anonymous

Continuing the series on Breakfast with Egg Recipes, we’ll talk about Boiled Egg Sandwich today. [Part 1 was Mughlai Paratha, Part 2 was French Toast, Part 3 was Scrambled Eggs and Part 4 was Banana Pancake].

Sandwich with chips

Sandwich became popular among the European aristocrats during the late 17th century as a late night meal. But the first use of the word “sandwich” was mentioned much later in 19th century. It was named after John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. During Montagu’s long hours of gambling he used to order meat in between two bread slices so as not to grease his hands and spoil the cards. Others saw this, got inspired and started ordering for the same food, eventually calling it sandwich.

As the quote above says, it is very true that the better the filling of the sandwich better is its feeling. The one I prepared was a very simple and quick to cook sandwich. You can check this other variation of egg sandwich. Poached egg seasoned with peppercorn and salt can also be used as a sandwich filling.

Preparation time: 6 mins

Cooking time: 10 mins

Serves: 2


–          Bread slices (Pauruti): 6

–          Eggs (Dim): 3

–          Freshly grounded peppercorn for seasoning

–          Salt to taste

–          Cheese/ Butter or other fat spread


  • Hard boil the eggs, and throw away the shell.
  • Mash the eggs with a fork or potato masher and season accordingly with peppercorn and salt
  • Spread each bread slice with softened butter
  • Spread the mashed eggs over 3 of the bread slices and press lightly with the other three
  • Cut the sandwiches diagonally and serve with chips or tomato sauce
Boiled Egg Sandwich
Boiled Egg Sandwich

Hot Tips – The ideal time to prepare hard boiled eggs is 10mins and then keep those for sometime in cold flowing water. If you want to have a soft boiled egg then just cook for 6 – 8 mins. I used whole wheat bread to prepare the sandwiches; the nutrition count is based on that.

Further readings – Egg potato sandwich, Different sandwich fillings

Nutrition Calculator – 1 sandwich

Calories 300
Total Carbohydrate 13.7gms
Dietary fiber 1.9gms
Protein 22.7gm
Total fat 16.9gms
Cholesterol 635mg
Sugar 3.6gms
Vitamin A 20%
Vitamin C 0%
Iron 10%
Calcium 8%

Sandwich on way to Divya’s yummy event on “Show me your sandwich” ,  NTTC#5 event hosted by Sneh of Gel’s Kitchen and to Neha’s blog for the event CFK: Healthy Lunch boxes.

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18 thoughts on “Boiled Egg Sandwich

  1. Try mashing Butter along with the eggs while they are warm or hot, helps in making a batter sort of thing which is easy to spread on the bread slices, then add peppercorn, salt to taste !!!

  2. Looks great and going to check out the Further readings – Egg potato sandwich, that looks like something I would like.

  3. Hey Sudesna,

    Thanks gal for such wonderful recipes…i m developing affinity towards cooking nw a days n ur recipes r making my tasks much easier ..thanks sweetheart!!!!

    1. Soumita,
      Thank you so much for the comment. It feels great to know that. 🙂
      Happy Cooking and Happy Eating!

  4. I do this a bit differently. I mix mashed eggs with mayonese, butter and chives (green part of onion) and then add a bit of pepper (can be salt as well, but butter in India is enough salty). So then such a smooth paste, you can apply easily on bread. It’s quite caloric, but yummy 😉
    On bread you can also put lettuce or/and cucumber 🙂

  5. Dear Sudeshna!
    Greetings from Japan!
    First of all, thank you so much for notifying me on your new blog!
    Great concept, great pics and great layout! Bravo!
    This will become a great source of information!
    I have a special love for “regional” blogs as opposed to “general” ones. Yours has this extra quality as it will make your own country/region more accessible to everyone!
    .-= Robert-Gilles Martineau´s last blog ..Dessert: Ricotta, Orange Peels & Chocolate Tart =-.

  6. Hmmm… eita to khub yummy. Amarto khub priyo. You all should try this. Itz a healthy breakfast for everyone.

    1. Mandira, Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I’ve been to only a few picnics in good ‘ol days – mostly in Zoo (Alipore, Calcutta) but used to fall sick every time I went there. Not too many happy picnic memories you see. 🙂
      But used to take this dish for my school lunch sometimes.

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