Announcing: Event for Eggs

One year back I had started this blog just in search of a new hobby. 365 days have passed and I am proudly celebrating my blog’s first birthday. I am very grateful to all my blog visitors for turning my hobby into a passion. I had been thinking of how to celebrate this special occasion, and after lots of thinking I thought of hosting an event to mark this special occasion.

Easter is just a fortnight away and the first thing that comes to mind hearing the word “Easter” is eggs. The main ingredient of the event is also eggs. Prepare any kind of food; be that starter, soup, main course, side dish or dessert; but eggs should be the main ingredient of the platter.

Send in your entries to with the subject line: “Events for eggs” along with the following details:

Your name:

Your blog’s name:

Name of the recipe:

URL of the recipe:

A .jpeg photo of the recipe

If you want to send some of your archived recipes, just update the post with a mention of this event along with the link to this post. Please feel free to use the logo for the event.

Those of you who doesn’t have a blog please send in your entries in a word document file along with the photo of the prepared dish.


The last date for sending in all entries is the last of this month, i.e., 30th April 2009 midnight IST.

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  1. I just seen this event..i thought of sending one..but today is last day 🙁

  2. Hi Sudeshna, have sent my entry…

  3. @Parita,
    Its not necessary to use both the parts, you cans end in your entries which use either the egg yolk or the white

  4. Hi,
    Just came across ur blog , Happy Belated Birthday to ur blog. Have send in an entry.

  5. Hi Sudeshna….lovely question do the recipe needs to use both egg whites and yolks? or one of them is fine? thanks

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  8. Lovely event, congrats..! I’m in…! Do check my blog..!:)

  9. @Lakshmi,
    Thank you so much for your entry.

  10. rated site this great to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  11. @Nivedita,
    Welcome to the blog world, hope you enjoy it.

  12. Hi Sudeshna
    nice event, and a very happy birthday to your blog.. I am a new comer in blog world.
    I love eggs, infact I am an eggaterian.I will try to send atleast one recipe. Good event.

  13. @Sandeepa,
    Thank you so much, will bewaiting for your recipe.

  14. Ok Sudeshna pathabo tomake. Congrats on a year

  15. @Aquadaze and Priya,
    Thanks a lot for your wishes, will be waiting for the recipes.

  16. Hey my first time here…congrats on your blog anniv. Posting an egg curry soon, will send that over 🙂

  17. Hi Sudeshna, congrats for the first anniversary, will surely send something for celebrating ur blog anniversary with u..keep on rocking:)

  18. Hey Sudeeshna,

    Happy first blog anniversary. Its a great theme. will send some of my experimental recipes. Take care.

  19. Happy First Anniversary..Will send in something..

  20. Happy 1st blog anniversary.

  21. YAY! I love Egg curries, will send you one for sure.

    Happy first blog birthday to you! :))

  22. nice theme Sudheshna. Happy Birthday to ur Blog !!

  23. @Siddharth,
    Oh you are always welcome to steal the recipes as long as those stay in your kitchen and not used for any other purpose. Try the recipes and do tell me which one you like d best.

  24. Interesting. If not participate, I will definitely try to steal!! all the yummy recipes from this blog.

  25. @Sunshinemom,

    Thank yuo so much

  26. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your blog 🙂 Nice idea for your event, will definately send something across..

  27. Congrats dear…will try to send something 🙂

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