Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Round Up

Round ups of events are always fun, be that I am reading or creating them. Just for one single thing its great to learn how everybody makes a different recipe of his or her own. Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth was not an exception. Sweets in different styles and ingredients made this event a success.
You all know doesn’t support advertisements and so I cannot announce a prize for the best entry, but to make it a bit more fun, there is a poll at the end of this post, so feel free and vote for your favorite recipes doe this event.

Payesam or Payesa or Kheer



Fried sweets:


Baked sweets:






[polldaddy poll=1102118]

[polldaddy poll=1102118]
Please pen down a comment if I have missed out anybody from the round up or the poll.


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24 thoughts on “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Round Up

  1. This is sooooooo not what I want to read when I’m trying to diet. It looks wonderful Sudheshna. You did a good job hosting! Sorry couldn’t send in my entry in time. The next time I will make up for it by sending in dozens od entries!

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